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These homeopathy articles were written by Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom NA over a span of 25 years. She shares her experience and understanding of this great healing art and science.

Detoxing from Western Medicines with Homeopathy

Detoxing from Western Medicines with Homeopathy Summary of the Article: This is a very long article. I am giving you a summary here, so that you can select the parts that you want to read and jump to them easily. Part 1. People are struggling with the side effects of different classes of Western medicine …

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Pursuing Homeopathic Learning

T'ai Chi Ch'uan: Body and Mind in Harmony by Sophia Delza

Pursuing Homeopathic Learning Dear Friends, Now that I am in my elder years, I want to make sure that I use the remainder of my time on this planet in the most efficacious way I can think of. What has value for me is the following: Deepening and expanding my knowledge of homeopathy so that …

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Fluoride Poisoning: A Crime Against Humanity

The Pineal Gland

Fluoride Poisoning: A Crime Against Humanity Summary of the article: Fluoride causes the breakdown of the family, possibly due to the damaging effects on the pineal gland, which also controls our feeling of connection to ourselves, others, and our higher spiritual centers Fluoride causes ADHD, ADD, Learning disorders, and behavioral disorders. Fluoride causes dementia. Fluoride …

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Remedies to Help At the Dentist

Digital Dental XRay Machine

Remedies to Help at the Dentist Hold Arnica 12C or 30C and Ledum 12C or 30C in your pocket when you have dental work done. Why do this? Arnica is good for shock and trauma and controlling bleeding. Ledum is good for puncture wounds, such as you get when the dentist administers anesthesia or drills in your mouth. This tiny little hint can …

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Connect Your Cell Phone to Ethernet and Turn WIfi Off

Minimizing your exposure to Wifi is a very important thing to do for your health and the health of your family. In this article I explain how you can turn WIFI off on your cell phone and connect ethernet to it. I learned how to do this by a fortunate event. I had asked my …

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Offshoots of Homeopathy

Offshoots of Homeopathy Dear Friends, 2023 was a year of a lot of study and discovery for me. In addition to endeavoring to deepen my knowledge of homeopathic materia medica, I sought to expand my perception, so that I could look outside the box of my conventional training to see what is really true and …

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What Is Homeopathy About?

The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital

What Is Homeopathy About? Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who revealed this beautiful healing art to the world in 1810 in his book called the Organon of Medicine. It has some basic therapeutic principles. Remedies are tested on healthy people in highly dilute potentized form, so that we …

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What are Miasms in Homeopathy?

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

What are Miasms in Homeopathy?   I was inspired to write this article after speaking to one of my clients, a young man in his thirties. He was spouting his belief system about the state of the world. “Inflation is out of control. The Feds are going to keep on raising interest rates. There are …

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Homeopathy Does Not Leave the Person Out of the Equation

My Grandbaby - Pure Joy

Homeopathy Does Not Leave the Person Out of the Equation Dear Friends, I had an interesting experience this weekend. I went to a class with a master Qi Gong teacher, because I was curious to learn from her. I had studied T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Qi Gong for eleven years with the late Sophia Delza …

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Love Your Symptoms

Boat Sailing at Dusk

Love Your Symptoms Love your symptoms for they are the road map to your health. The homeopath looks for the story the symptoms are trying to tell us about the nature of the illness being experienced. Homeopaths look at symptoms in context of the whole person to understand what the symptoms are pointing to. Homeopaths …

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Belladonna – Wild Child Full of Grace

Belladonna Flower and Berry

Belladonna – Wild Child Full of Grace Many people know the beautiful Jim Morrison song, Wild Child, Full of Grace. This is a lovely description of a child in a Belladonna state. People familiar with homeopathy will know of the picture of Belladonna in the acute state. This would be the child with a very …

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The Pillow Dose, The Pocket Dose, The Room Dose

Homeopathic Remedies Lined up

Dear Friends, I have written articles about how to take homeopathic remedies before. In this article, I would like to focus on some ways to take remedies that I came to on my own over the years of my practice. I refer you to the article How to Take Homeopathic Remedies for information about the …

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The Bowel Nosodes: A Missing Key

Bowel Nosodes in Homeopathic Practice by John Saxton

The Bowel Nosodes: A Missing Key Dear Friends, If some billionaire were to offer me a million dollars as a gift or knowledge of the bowel nosodes as an alternate gift, I would say keep your million dollars, but give me knowledge of the bowel nosodes. This may be one of the philosopher’s stones, what …

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Homeopathic Materia Medica Review

Synoptic Materia Medica by Frans Verneulen

Homeopathic Materia Medica Review Dear Friends, I have been practicing homeopathy for a long time. The difference between me as a prescriber now, and me as a prescriber 10, 20 or 30 years ago is that I am more relaxed. Let’s say that I have mellowed with age. Maybe you can even say I have …

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Gelsemium Sempervirens Materia Medica

Yellow Jasmine

Gelsemium Sempervirens Materia Medica The featured article this month is about the materia media of Gelsemium sempervirens. The reason I chose this remedy is that it is the remedy that has helped me with COVID long-haul symptoms. While I was working on this article and studying the mental symptoms, I was struck by what a …

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Vaccine Mandates and the Historical Background

Five Year Old Children

This month I was inspired to write an article that kept on growing in scope till it has become almost unmanageable. There is a lot of passion in this article, because I am very concerned about the vaccine mandates. The mandatory vaccination of children ages 5 to 11 has now been approved in the state …

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Lime, Honey and Ginger a Recipe for Health


Lime, Honey and Ginger a Recipe for Health   Dear Friends, Here is a simple recipe that can bring you pleasure and boost your immune system at the same time. May this give you good health this winter and long life. Directions: Cut and grate about an inch of fresh ginger. Squeeze the juice of …

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LM Potencies and Homeopathic Posology

LM Potencies and Homeopathic Posology In 2014 I worked extensively with LM Potencies, also known as Quin potencies or 50 millesimal potencies, and it has forced me to reexamine the way I have been prescribing centesimal scale remedies. With homeopathy, as with most things, there are no definitive answers as to how things should be …

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Homeopathy for Children

Children Playing

Homeopathy for Children Homeopathy is a therapeutic art and science founded in Germany by a Dr. Samuel Hahnemann over two hundred years ago. It utilizes medicines made from natural substances in very tiny doses. The medicines stimulate the immune system initiating a healing response that unfolds over time to restore health and harmony. Homeopathy is …

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