Testimonials for Deborah Olenev

Following are testimonials for Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom NA from her clients. As you read these testimonial, please keep people that you love with similar conditions in mind, whom you feel could benefit from homeopathy. That way we can spread the health around.

Testimonial from Amy L. Lansky, PhD

Author of Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy (http://www.impossiblecure.com)

“Deborah Olenev has been my homeopath for several years and I have been extremely thankful for her expert help.  She has helped me with problems such as vertigo, athlete’s foot, menopause, and emotional issues.  As a homeopath and as a person, I find her to be remarkably compassionate, grounded, humble, and disciplined.  She devotes a great deal of effort into studying her cases, weighing the options with both keen intelligence and  intuition.  Deborah is also conservative in her approach, being careful to use the minimum dose as advised by the founder of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann.  At the same time, she is always trying to explore new ideas and techniques, in order to better serve her patients and to expand her own body of healing knowledge. I know many homeopaths, and I can assure you that you are in expert hands with Deborah Olenev!”

Testimonial from Ariadne

I am very happy with my progress since starting homeopathic treatment with Deborah back in May of 2017. I was working with a male homeopath before working with Deborah. Unhappy with my overall experience with him I decided to look around because I was developing symptoms I never had and was quite scared of what was happening to me. I brought it up to him but he was cold, unconcerned, and wanted me to make appointment after appointment. I was feeling lost and alone in a sea of symtoms that were greatly affecting my independence and quality of life. I reached out to Deborah and scheduled a free 10 minute appointment so we could feel eaxh other out. I explained what I was experiencing and she confirmed my concerns from the get go. I was experiencing side effects from being treated to aggressively with homeopathic remedies that were too high of a potency for me. I felt acknowledged and was very impressed with her attentive listening and compassionate way of communicating. I still have a ways to go but I am feeling more stable and capable since I started working with Deborah.

Testimonial from Sandy A.

“Deborah has been treating my autistic son since November 2012 and in the short space of time under her care, we have seen very nice progress both in his cognition and health.  Her treatment has helped him (and our family) immensely and words cannot express my gratitude to her.  I am very impressed with Deborah’s thoroughness in case taking, client care and case management.  She always responds to my emails promptly and I could feel she has a heart to helping my son.  She is very committed to helping her clients and very professional. We once had a crisis situation and she made herself readily available to helping us promptly, constantly staying in touch, spending a lot of time studying our case.  Due to her care, efforts and commitment, my son got over the crisis and has since been doing well.  I would strongly recommend her.”

Testimonial from  Alicia K.

“We think Deborah Olenev is wonderful…for children or adults.  She is in Mountain View and has helped our family immensely.  My children haven’t needed a pediatrician’s visit in over 5 years…and I have 4 of them. Deborah’s site is www.homeopathyforhealth.net .  She gives a lot of information on her  site and you can get a feel for what a warm, caring, spiritual person she is.”

Testimonial from Colleen B.

“I have suffered with depression most of my adult life, and was in my 40’s before I learned from Deborah Olenev, who I met at Integrated Healing Arts, that there was a way, other than using Western doctors and drugs, to help my depression.

My experience with the homeopathic process involved Deborah taking my complete history including upbringing, family history, dreams, habits, illnesses, food issues, etc.  Then, with her experience, great care and skill, and through gentle guidance, asking the right questions, listening and learning about me, she was able to prescribe the correct homeopathic remedy.  I know Deborah has had years of training to do what she does, but she seems to magically pinpoint the right remedy whenever I need help.

Homeopathy seems to gently alter my “body/system” back into balance.  It doesn’t hurt, and all I have to do is take the remedy as per the simple directions Deborah provides.  Because homeopathy is so gentle and “non-invasive,” it feels like it “quietly” and lovingly changes my life…definitely for the better!

Deborah works with individuals and families in a very safe, confidential and loving environment.  I’ve known Deborah many years by now, and have used several different remedies at different times in my life, always with Deborah’s kind, gentle, skillful and loving guidance and knowledge.  I definitely recommend Deborah Olenev, Homeopath Extraordinaire!!”

Testimonial from Barbara R.

“Deborah Olenev is the finest homeopathic practitioner I know. I began  my relationship with her nearly four years ago and she has treated me  throughout this time with compassion, unfailing expertise and concise follow through. The homeopath looks  for the root of illness. They are  concerned with what makes up the  total individual from emotional levels to physical levels. Deborah is thorough, direct, and considers every exchange of information to formulate the exact remedy that will reach my health impasses. Deborah has successfully  approached my health issues by balancing me not only  physically, but psychologically and emotionally as well. Deborah is thoughtful, insightful and carries with her an intelligent wisdom regarding the human being that I have never experienced in other modalities of healing.”

Testimonial from JS, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“Deborah has worked well with my three grandchildren, gently nudging them into better health and supporting positive changes in their development.”

Testimonial from Roxann R.

“I contacted Deborah Olenev in the fall of 2007 due to problems with ovarian cysts. Having exhausted allopathic and acupuncture treatments with no relief from the pain and bleeding spells, I felt Deborah’s experience with these kinds of problems might be a solution.  It took quite a bit of work on her part to strip away issue after issue but 18 months later I am free of pain and bleeding and have much better overall health. I can work in my garden and have good energy. I recommend Deborah for anyone who has chronic health problems and need a gentle solution without surgery or drugs.”

Testimonial from Katy Lush

“In her demeanor, Deborah is careful, thorough, conscientious and she listens well. Her knowledge of homeopathy has excellent depth and is constantly growing with her enthusiasm for the field and her study of it. Her use of homeopathy benefits from her demeanor and knowledge but also from her years of experience, her willingness to try remedies that are new to her practice (if they present well) instead of relying on familiar stand-bys and her determination to be of service.”

Testimonial from Linda Ortiz

“Deborah Olenev is the most dedicated homeopath I had met in the past 30 years. She has a deep knowledge of the remedies and his applications. I’m very thankful for her practice, her knowledge and her dedication.”

Testimonial from Steven

“I had an elusive illness similar to chronic fatigue or narcolepsy for which no doctor, conventional or integratvie could give a definitive diagnosis. I tried two other homeopaths and six to eight remedies without sucess. Deborah was able to find an effective remedy on the first try.”

Testimonial from Naomi

“Ever since I was 13 I have struggled with acne. My parents and I tried every kind of medicine from the traditional western pills to holistic methods, nothing really worked until, after years of trying everything under the sun, I got a consultation from Deborah. She worked with me until she found a remedy that cleared up my skin quite miraculously. I would (and do) recommend her to anyone.”

Testimonial from Andrea

“I’m grateful that my first homeopathy experience was with Deborah. She made me feel comfortable immediately with her manner and expertise. It’s clear that her knowledge is extensive. She asked all the right questions to gain a holistic understand of my health and concerns before deciding on my treatment. Best of all, I had great results and continue to see her.”

Testimonial from Margaret Barton

“Deborah was referred to me by a good friend and I’ve known her for many years.  Deborah is a wonderful Homeopathic Doctor; she has treated my two sons and myself for several years and I’ve found her remedies to be extremely helpful for both physical and emotional problems.  Deborah is meticulous in her treatment, she takes considerable time to get to know her patient and to understand the presenting problems; as a result her remedies are very effective.  In addition, Deborah’s follow up is excellent; she takes the time to stay in touch and leaves you feeling cared for. A few years ago after I had been hit by a pick up truck, Deborah’s treatment was critical in helping me regain my mental focus and physical stability.  I highly recommend Deborah to anyone interested in Homeopathic treatment, she knows her subject and it shows in her high degree of professionalism.”

Testimonial from Anonymous

“My husband used to experience outbreaks of genital herpes every three to four months. In the past 10 years, he has probably experienced two.”

Testimonial from Kirsten S.

“Deborah helped my two children and myself by finding the perfect homeopathic remedy in a very short time. I have consulted other homeopaths in the past, but Deborah is the first one where I would really speak of healing. She applies profound knowledge and expertise in combination with intuition and wisdom. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Testimonial From Jeanie L.

“I had a number of physical and emotional ailments when I had the good fortune to meet Deborah Olenev.  The more mainstream approaches had not been very helpful and I was in need of something that would go deeper into the causes of my problems rather than just treatment of the symptoms.

When I had my first appointment Deborah used her very thorough and thoughtful approach to assessing my type, she was able to discover my true nature and she put me on the appropriate remedy.  I felt very confident with her decision and when I read about the particular remedy she found for me, it addressed many of the problems I had been experiencing.  Soon after taking the remedy I was able to reduce the number of medications I had been taking, my menopausal symptoms were greatly reduced, the pain of fibromyalgia, arthritis, and carpal tunnel was greatly reduced, and most importantly to me, my emotional life became more stable.”

Testimonial from Priti

“I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2000 and my symptoms were severe rectal bleeding, chronic fatigue, diarrhea and loss of weight. I was taking steroids and had tried several homeopaths in the Bay Area for my condition with no relief. I started going to Deborah in Sept 2007 and within just a few months all my symptoms were better and after 2 1/2 years today I no longer have the problem. Deborah is a dedicated homeopath who puts in hours of hard work to find the similimum for her patients through a lot of research with Sankaran’s method. Deborah is very compassionate and warm, really committed to helping her patients and monitors your condition closely. I was extremely fortunate to have found her and highly recommend her for any kind of healing”.

Testimonial from Anjali Natarajan, Asheville NC 

“I began consulting with Deborah in 1995. I had just come back from India and had parasites that affected my organs and caused chronic digestive disorder. I could only digest a few items and had lost all of my body weight. Working with Deborah for 6 months, I was able to rid my body of parasites and regain my health. I was then convinced that classic homeopathy is one of the most efficient alternative modalities, and have used Deborah’s services ever since.

Deborah has treated my children since birth. Her remedies have helped curb tics and obsessive behavior, cured eczema, minimized asthma symptoms including bronchitis and croup; and strengthened my children’s immune system.

Deborah is always available during acute attacks, even helping out once while on vacation. As a doctor, she is more like a sister or friend, exuding real warmth and affection. Professionally, Deborah is persistent and works hard to find the right remedy for each case.

Here are a few more things that Homeopathy for Health does for my family:

• Helps with children’s emotional phases
• Helps speed up the healing process, especially during winter flu season
• Helps relieve psoriasis
• Gives relief to menstrual disorders
• Manages back and neck pain
• Helps with circulation
• Helps with moods”

Testimonial from CS

“I started working with Deborah about two years ago. She has been so kind and patient, deeply sincere in her service to others, and the choices she has made for us have been progressively working toward better health for our son. I deeply value her commitment and love in doing what she does, and along with her experience and knowledge of homeopathy, her use of intuition and meditative prayer in her practice.”

Testimonial from Anonymous

“Last year I had a mild case of leucorrhea and was “between doctors.” I decided to consult with Deborah and try homeopathy for it.  The remedy she gave me had absolutely no side effects, and the problem cleared up gradually over the following 7 weeks.  It has not recurred.  Thanks, Deborah, treating this problem with homeopathy was very easy and cost effective.”

Testimonial from Roxann B.

“My life would not be the same without Deborah. Homeopathy has played such an important part in my physical and emotional health. I owe that to Deborah.  Her knowledge, her ability to diagnose what you need, and her spirit have been such a blessing in my life.

I am the type of person who doesn’t even want to take an aspirin. Additionally, I have always had a strong sense that the body has an amazing power to heal itself.

It made perfect sense for me to seek an alternative to prescription medication when I started having anxiety.

Deborah worked with me and provided me with a natural remedy that helped me get through this very difficult time in my life. I am so grateful to her that I did not have to take prescription medication.  I don’t know what I would have done without homeopathy.

Since that time, I sought Deborah’s expertise for menopausal symptoms like headaches, hot flashes, lack of concentration, dry skin, and irritability.  My hot flashes stopped within two weeks of taking her remedy. It was amazing!  I was very happy that I didn’t have to consider hormone replacement therapy.

My son, who is eleven years old, was having chronic tonsillitis.  He was taking too many antibiotics and I was concerned about the long term effects of antibiotics on his body. I took him to Deborah, and he has not been sick one time since our visit.

If you are considering homeopathy, I strongly recommend that you use Deborah as a partner in health for you and your family,

Because of Deborah, we are happy and healthy! She constantly reminds me of our bodies amazing power to heal!”

Testimonial from Joanna B.

“I have happily been a client of Deborah’s since 1994.  Homeopathy has continued to help me both on physical and emotional levels. It is amazing how deeply it works.  I think some aliments can only be helped with Homeopathy.  Some of my issues remain the same while other new ones come and go.  Deborah has given me different remedies throughout the years as my needs have changed. I think Homeopathy is nothing short of amazing!  I have been so thrilled with my good results that I have referred at least 8 of my family members and friends to Deborah and they have become clients also.  Some or our results have been quite miraculous.  I can highly recommend Deborah! She has a deep knowledge of this form of healing and always works respectfully with me in choosing the right remedy at the right time.  I will forever remain a client.”

Testimonial from Andrea

“I came to Deborah in May 2009 with chronic dry eye, TMJ and sore hips.  Two weeks after I took my remedy I noticed a marked difference in my eyes.  Within a few months, I no longer noticed my hips and my jaw was so much better I was able to bite into an apple for the first time in years. Homeopathy brought relief and changed my body in ways that Western medicine simply wasn’t able to.  Deborah’s calm and nurturing manner helped me to open up and find the best remedy for me.  I feel good knowing that my health is in Deborah’s hands.”

Testimonial from Usha

“My family is very happy with Dr. Deborah’s treatment for my son’s asthma. My son was asthmatic from about 2 years of age. He had to be given albuterol and steroid inhalation every 4 hours during his asthma attacks. We were worried about his system getting used to the inhalations, having to increase the dosage and other side effects. We went with Dr. Deborah’s treatment and the dosage of albuterol and other steroids have drastically reduced. Now we use inhalations very occasionally, may be ten inhalations in a year, and  my son’s overall health has also improved.

I have been suffering from migraines since I was in elementary school, for almost 30 years. Most of the time my migraines used to last up to 4days, and I will have to take pain killers almost every 6 hours. After I was treated by Dr. Deborah my migraines are very infrequent and last only for day. I am able to manage most of the times with just 1 tylenol, which is actually 1/2 the recommended dosage. I am very happy about my decision to have chosen to try homeopathy for my health.”

Testimonial from Michael Smith, Ph.D.

What a Blessing Deborah is! Having known her for many years, I can attest to her incredible mind, loving heart, gentle spirit, and deep commitment to the service of others. She has helped me many times and in numerous ways, including settling and resolving chronic injuries, temperament issues, and energy enhancement. While I must confess that I do not fully understand how the system works, she has an amazing mind that holds an enormous amount of complex information and applies it expertly! I continue to work on things with her, in deeper and deeper layers. Amazing.

Testimonial from Sharon L.

My children and I have been clients of Deborah’s for many years. She has helped us with homeopathy through 5th grade ADD, middle school acne, teenage angst, and menopausal hot flashes. We all appreciate Deborah’s intelligence, knowledge, patience and compassion.

Testimonial from Igel

Deborah, you are my guru! I cannot imagine how I could have gotten where I am without your guidance.

In 2006, I started getting warts on my genitals. I was very scared, as I had never seen that before and immediately went to my doctor to get them treated.  My doctor burnt them several times, but they kept coming back.  After 3 painful treatments, I decided to seek another option.  I came across Deborah’s website and read a testimonial with a situation very similar to mine, that had been treated by Deborah.  I called her right away and set up an appointment.  When I met with Deborah, I remember thinking, “she is the calmest person I know” and started taking her perscribed homeopathic prescription.  Within a week all the warts were gone!  I was shocked and confident that they would not reappear.  It has been almost 4 years and I have not seen another sign of warts.  Deborah has been my guiding light, since then.  I am so blessed to have known her.  Thank you for all the years of putting up with me.

Testimonial from Susan Baffico

I have been working with Deborah for eight years and I find her manner very soothing, caring and thoughtful.  I have moved from California to Utah but continue to see her when I come for visits and she willingly does our follow-ups via email and telephone.  I have found that she has been able to resolve many of my issues and is thinking about my health even in between our visits.   Thank you Deborah.

Testimonial from Ed P.

My mother-in-law Marie is 85 years old and has been working with Deborah since 2011. She has suffered most recently from Dementia, Anxiety and many Fears acquired from childhood. After living with Marie for 4 years my wife and I realized that she was in desperate need of help. We tried hypnotherapy and a host of other traditional and alternative therapies over the years. We kept Marie free of unhealthy foods and she remains on a very healthy diet avoiding sugar, flour, wheat and dairy. She became very difficult to live with and take care of on a daily basis. After I was introduced to the concept of a homeopathic constitutional remedy for myself, I realized it was the only hope for Marie so we decided to try it. When Deborah had us administer her second remedy, we were pleasantly surprised to see some of Marie’s most chronic problems slowly disappear. She recently moved to an assisted living facility nearby. Her progress continues to amaze us. She is communicative, expressive, more confident, speaks up but is also understanding. She is like a normal person and if you met her today you would not imagine she had chronic problems her entire life that progressively worsened. For my wife and I to see such a change is nothing short of a miracle. Most notably is her cognitive functioning restored to normal. When we get together with Marie, my wife and I talk to her and she listens, understands, remembers events, dates and times. We are grateful to have met a person as a caring as Deborah and to use her invaluable services.

Testimonial from Anonymous Vietnam Veteran with PTSD

Homeopathy helped my Combat related  PTSD from Viet-Nam! I am currently 63 years old. I enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 17 and little did I know it would change my life forever. The training at Parris Island, S.C. was very stressful and difficult but nothing prepared me for what I was about to experience in Viet-nam. After training I was assigned to be an infantry soldier, some called us grunts or ground pounders. I was a replacement assigned to the Khe Sahn Combat base when I got to Viet-nam in Mar of 1968. For the four months I was  there I was subject to frequent daily rocket and mortar attacks from the NVA (north Vietnam army). Much of my anxiety, fear and hyper vigilance came from trying to stay alive, dodging incoming rockets, mortars and bullets. In June of 1968 I was shot at close range by an enemy soldier. My unit was on patrol and we were resting  after reaching the location we were assigned to.  I was startled when the enemy North Vietnamese soldier appeared at the edge of the bomb crater I was in, he was about 30-40 feet from me. When I saw him I immediately stood up and faced him with my M-16 rifle in hand, he fired his AK-47 rifle and a bullet hit my wrist, so my M-16 dropped out of my hand.  I immediately crawled to the back of the bomb crater taking cover in the high elephant grass. I was crouched and waited in fear of getting shot again. During the assault I was assisted by another marine and crawled over to the corpsman’s position. He was in a shallow depression and another wounded marine and I waited there until the firefight was over.  After going to first aid stations in Vietnam then Japan, I eventually went to Key West Naval hospital in July of 1968. I was treated for a shattered wrist and then got medically honorably discharged in Feb. of 1969. I thought all I had was a gunshot wound but it turned out over the next 40 years I would get progressively worse due to untreated severe chronic combat related PTSD.  I worked as a computer repairman for 16 years, later other technical jobs. Eventually the stress elevated to a point in 2010 where I was having daily panic attacks, homicidal and suicidal thoughts, hyper vigilance, rages, startle response, foreshortened future, nightmares, etc. I have had some progress over the past couple years with various therapies that are very helpful; EFT, acupuncture, marital and individual counseling,  natural medications providing occasional temporary relief from free running constant anxiety that got progressively worse. Sometimes the only way I could stop the anxiety was to lock myself in my room away from everyone and everything, or to go away to a secluded area where there was minimal human contact. When I started working with Deborah I did not know what to expect, but because I trusted her wisdom and knowledge, I went ahead with my constitutional remedy. After the second remedy I noticed a continuous ongoing reduction in my PTSD symptoms that is very significant. The remedy resolved many of my problems relating to PTSD and also some childhood trauma either directly or in conjunction with other therapies. Today I am able to focus on my wife and cats at home and my health. I can set new goals for myself and am optimistic about my future. I was never ever optimistic! I do not think about getting killed during the day and night by the enemy.  I do not worry as much as I did previously about what is going to happen next, the anticipation anxiety I had each minute of every hour. I continue to use my 12 step program with daily prayer and meditation as a guide for addiction recovery which sets me on a path of constant progress. I also used massage for PTSD that helped release stored muscle memory to relieve my chronic anxiety. I can deal more easily with situations as they come up. I am on no medications. I am at peace and can sleep at night. I thank God for my relationship with Deborah and pray this information gives hope to others seeking a solution to what may appear to be a hopeless situation.


Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

59 Paul Avenue
Mountain View,

Phone: 650-569-6219
Website: www.homeopathyforhealth.net

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