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The human interest section on the Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom NA blog are articles that are not about homeopathy, but about healing in general, and other interesting topics.

Peace Pilgrim: An American Avatar

Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim: An American Avatar Dear Friends, I have had the luxury to indulge myself in the joy of a fabulous book called , “Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words.” The book is a compilation of the writings of Peace Pilgrim – a modern day Christian Anglo sannyasin (a Hindu religous …

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Health in the Age of WiFi

Cell Tower

Health in the Age of WiFi The less one knows about this subject, the happier one generally is. The question arises: Is ignorance bliss when it comes to Wifi radiation or EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Whether Wifi radiation is or is not a health threat is as controversial a question as does global warming really exist. …

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Fools Crow Native American Shaman

Dear Wonderful Person, Please notice that I have addressed you as wonderful person rather than as friend or client. The reason I did this is that I have been reading about the life of Fools Crow, who was a great native American healer. He never used the words patient or client to address the people …

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Pasha Visits Afghanistan

Dear Friends, When I heard Pasha recount the story of her trip to Afghanistan in 2009, I was blown away by her description of this country. I assumed that Afghanistan was a war-torn nation full of traumatized people, but what she told me painted a very different picture. She described a people who had learned …

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