Consultation Fees for Homeopathy

Consultation Fees for Homeopathy

These are the consultation fees for anyone seeking homeopathic constitutional care:

Thank you for considering homeopathic treatment. The way I work is that I ask you to complete either the adult, children, or teen, questionnaire. When you have completed the questionnaire please e-mail it back to me. This will let me know that you are ready to schedule an initial consultation. The questionnaire facilitates the information gathering process, enables me to begin repertorizing your case prior to seeing you, and frees us up to use our time together to explore the root causes of your health problems in a deeper way. Please return the questionnaire to me in a non PDF format. Thank you. Here are links to the questionnaires:

Adult Homeopathy Questionnaire

Children’s Homeopathy Questionnaire

Teen Homeopathy Questionnaire

Consultation Fees

The initial consultation by phone, Skype or in person              $340

This is the fee for an initial consultation and includes my time to review the questionnaire, prepare the analysis sheet, repertorize the case, take your case, make a prescription,  and test the remedy intuitively. This fee covers up to five hours of my time. I charge an additional $60 per hour for additional time needed.  (One progress report at 2 to 3 weeks is included in this charge).

Follow up consultations by phone, Skype or in person            $189

This is the fee for a regular follow up consultation. It includes my time to review your case, take the case, prepare the chart of symptoms, make a new prescription if required, and test the remedy, if needed. This fee covers three hours of my time.  There is an additional charge of $60 an hour if I work in excess of three hours on your case for a follow up. The first follow up is usually scheduled at seven weeks from when you take a remedy for the average person. Some people need follow up consultations more frequently. (One progress report at 2 to 3 weeks is included in this charge).

E-Mail Policy

Note: Here are the guidelines for emails. I  made these guidelines to help keep my stress level down, by keeping the number of emails down to a manageable size.

  • The progress report at two to three weeks from when you take the remedy.
  • A request to schedule an appointment
  • A brief description of your condition to see if you need an appointment.
  • Please do not ask for remedy advice, or advice on your health over the email. That is something that should be addressed in a consultation. It creates too much stress for me to answer this type of question over emails. If this is something you need to do, then please see the note below under the internet consultation fee.

Additional Services Offered

Quick acute consultation                                                             $125

This is available to clients who have already had an initial and follow up  consultation. It  is for emergency acute or trauma conditions where a thorough examination of the case is not necessary to make a prescription. This fee covers up to one hour of my time. If more time is needed, I charge the follow up consultation rate.

Internet consultation fee                                                                $50

This is for requests for advice over the internet where I have to examine the client’s chart to make a recommendation.  This charge does not apply to clients on LM potencies, asking questions about whether to stop or start their bottles.

Budgeting for Homeopathy

Some people have asked me how many consultations will be needed in the first and subsequent years of treatment. Everyone is different, but I can give you averages. In the first year of treatment the average person schedules the initial consultation, plus one or two follow up consultations. People with many health issues may schedule three to four consultations in the first few years of homeopathic treatment. Some people request ongoing once a month consultations.

 If my fees are high for you

I know that my fees are high for some people to afford. Here is a link to the Bay Area Homeopathic Association directory. Most of the homeopaths on this directory post their fees, and many of them have fees that are lower than mine.  I am not able to charge less than what I do and still support my family.

Here is the link:

Homeopaths Without Borders has announced that they are offering free Coronavirus consultations.

I look forward to meeting or talking to you on the phone and working with you to improve your health.


After I have completed my work on your case, I will send you an invoice from my Quickbooks.  Here are the payment methods available:

  • Pay via credit card directly from the Quickbooks invoice.
  • Pay via bank transfer on the Quickbooks invoice.
  • Mail me a check.
  • Pay via Zelle. Please use for the payee
  • Pay via Paypal. Please use as the payee.


With best wishes for your health,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)


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