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Deborah Olenev at Pacific Ocean

Deborah Olenev at Pacific Ocean

Deborah Olenev C.C.H., RSHom (NA)


Phone: 650-569-6219

Home Office Studio

59 Paul Avenue
Mountain View, California 94041

If you have questions about homeopathy, would like to schedule a consultation, or receive information about fees, please contact me by phone or e-mail. I only do consultations with people in the United States.

Consultation Methods

Consultations can be made in person, over Skype or on the phone. In person or Skype are the preferred methods, because I can see you, you can see me, and a dimension is added that is lost when we talk over the phone. I am limiting consultations to people in the United States.



Deborah Olenev in Office

Deborah Olenev in Office

How to Contact the Homeopath

Procedure for Setting up a Consultation

Please call or send me an e-mail, letting me know that you are interested in having an appointment. I will get back to you via e-mail or phone to arrange a brief ten to fifteen minute phone or Skype call, so that we can both see whether we are a good match for each other.

Then I would need you to complete a questionnaire, which you can download right now and e-mail back to me with your responses prior to your visit. Please make sure that you put your phone number on your e-mail. If you do not hear from me in a timely manner, please call me and check your spam folder, as my response may have landed there, and your e-mail may have landed in my spam folder.

The questionnaire facilitates the information gathering process, and frees us up to use our time together to explore the root causes of your health problems in a deeper way.

The consultation is a 2 1/2 hour visit and we go over all the questions on the questionnaire, and explore some of them in greater depth. The purpose of this is for me to get to know who you are, so that I can prescribe a homeopathic remedy that will set a healing process in motion.

Having the questionnaire ahead of time permits me to begin the repertorization process, even before I see you, which increases the likelihood of my being able to get a remedy to you on the same day.

Adult Homeopathy Questionnaire

Children’s Homeopathy Questionnaire


Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)
59 Paul Avenue
Mountain View,

Phone: 650-569-6219


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