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These articles on meditation were written by Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom NA, a long time meditator and long time homeopath.

Meditation Tools


Meditation Tools The most important meditation tools are: Mantra – this is constant reciting of a spiritual phrase. This raises your spiritual vibration and gives something to redirect your mind away from depressive, negative thoughts or fearful thoughts. Mudra – these are hand gestures that you do in a sequence. I have been using them …

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A Thanksgiving Message: Logs on the River

Log on a River

A Thanksgiving Message: Logs on the River   Dear Friends, It has been a long time since I last wrote and many things have happened in my life since you last heard from me.   First I completed the remodel of a building my father owns in Redwood City California. a project that was put …

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Discovering Your Own Atman or Inner Teacher

Paul at Bodega Bay

Discovering Your Own Atman or Inner Teacher by Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)   Let’s try this exercise: 1) Stand up and focus on the sense of Self inside of you. This is the source of your thoughts, but not your thoughts. It is the sense of I in yourself. 2) Now ask yourself if …

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Conversations With Atman

Anandamayi Ma Watercolor by Deborah Olenev

Conversations With Atman Dear Friends, Everyone who has worked with me knows that I  consult my intuition before making a prescription, and in cases where I neglect to do that, I can regret it. The way I communicate with my intuition, Atman  or Soul is that I prepare myself through a daily meditation practice to …

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Ramana Maharshi’s Example of a Spiritual Life

Ramana Maharshi’s Example of a Spiritual Life Dear Friends, We are in the month of Thanksgiving and I would like to thank all of you for sharing your presence with me, teaching me about yourselves, and giving me the opportunity to learn together with you. Thank you. I love you all. The article I am …

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Karma Yoga or Service Without Ego for Inner Peace

  Karma Yoga or Service Without Ego for Inner Peace Karma Yoga has been defined in various ways: as the yoga of action, selfless service, work without ego, right action, and work done according to one’s own nature.   How karma yoga is practiced is in the following steps:   1) Do your work with …

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How to Have Loving Relationships

Loving Couple

How to Have Loving Relationships   Last month I had the privilege of spending time with two people I love very much. The couple loved each other very much too. The problem was that communication had broken down between the two of them so far, and resentment had piled up so high, that they had …

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Meditation How and Why? Whether your faith is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, or atheist, it doesn’t matter, all humans can benefit from meditation. Meditation at its core is the simplest and most natural human activity. It is taking time to connect with the source of who we are. When studying meditation techniques from …

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The Elements of Health

Walking the Dog by Treeshark

The Elements of Health What does it take to be healthy? Is it enough just to take a homeopathic remedy? The answer is absolutely not. Health has to be approached from many angles. The first ingredient is nutrition. You can prescribe the best remedies, but if the nutrition is poor then the remedies will be …

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Balancing Housework and Your Life

Tired of Washign the Dishes

Balancing Housework and Your Life In your free time how do you select where to put your energies, going on the premise that in a day there is so much time available, and so much energy to do the work you would like to do. Is there a principle you could follow to help you …

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Mudras for Meditation

I first saw somebody doing mudras for meditation while walking in my local park in 2005. A young woman, who looked like she recently came from China, was doing her yoga and meditation practice on a blanket on the grass. As part of her meditation she was using mudras or hand gestures. I was fascinated, …

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The Transformation from Illness to Health

The Transformation from Illness to Health and Steps along the Way What makes a sick person different from a healthy person, and how can people move from one side of the health equation to the other? This is truly a spiritual and temporal transformation encompassing every aspect of life. I have noticed that healthy people …

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Why I Meditate

Rather than quoting a brilliant writing by an enlightened spiritual teacher, I will speak here about why I meditate, and the benefits to be incurred from a meditation practice. One of the most important benefits of meditation is developing the self-observer or witness. In meditating the meditator tries to quiet the mental chatter that is …

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Mental Exercises for Inner Peace

I have written these Mental Exercises for Inner Peace as a self awareness tool, and as a guide to help people gain control over their minds when they have difficulty breaking out of the cycle of obsessive thinking. Thoughts can locate in the body as physical and emotional reactions. Watch your thoughts and observe if …

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Meditation for People Who Cannot Sit Still

Meditation for People Who Cannot Sit Still When you think of meditation what comes to your mind’s eye? An image that comes to mine is the Buddha sculptures showing the Buddha sitting cross legged  or in lotus position on a lotus flower, his hands laying one on top of another with the thumbs touching  on …

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