Discovering Your Own Atman or Inner Teacher

Discovering Your Own Atman or Inner Teacher by Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)


Paul at Bodega Bay

Paul at Bodega Bay by Deborah Olenev

Let’s try this exercise:

1) Stand up and focus on the sense of Self inside of you. This is the source of your thoughts, but not your thoughts. It is the sense of I in yourself.

2) Now ask yourself if your name is _____________________. Use your real name. Make your body a pendulum and see which direction it sways when you ask what your name is.

3) Now choose a different name that is not your name and ask your Atman or Inner Teacher if that is your name. The Atman responds to you in yes and no answers. Now see what direction your body sways.

4) For me, forward is a yes, backward is a no. This could be different for others.

Developing a Relationship With Your Atman or Inner Teacher

By developing a relationship with your Atman or Inner Teacher, you will gain the ability to acess your own intuition with great ease. I consult the Atman about everythign. For instance:

  • Is this food I am about to eat good for me?
  • Will this supplement I am considering taking be beneficial?
  • Is this the correct remedy for this individual? Is this the best strength, how many pellets should I use?
  • Is this the right person to hire for the job?
  • Is this the day I should lock in my morgage loan?
  • Can I skip meditation today?

Your Atman is not bound by time or space.

  • Should I drink this glass of wine?
  • Should I light up this cigarette?
  • Should I take a puff of marijuana?

Sathya Sai Baba says that the goal of life is to discover or realize the indwelling Atman and develop a relationship with it. The great discovery is that Atman in not outside of you, but it is you, it is inseparable and identical with you.

The thing you call your ego is in fact a projection of the Atman. By meditating and learning to cultivate silence and a clear mind, you can access the mystery, the unfathomable beauty of your true nature.

Then you realize that your Atman or Inner Teacher is identical with everyone else’s. This realization enables you to truly embody love, as you will see yourself in everyone and as everyone.

So cultivate your relationship with Atman here and now. Do it by asking questions and seeing where the answers come form.

When you see that the answers come form within you are becoming Self-realized, as you have realized the indwelling Atman, which is the Self of yourself.

The Ego as Projection of the Atman

Why do I say that the ego is a projection of the Atman and the Atman is the reality? I say this because when you die the projection is withdrawn. You are no longer connected to places you lived in, your family and friends, because it was never real in the first place, but an ever changing transitory illusion that makes a very convincing presence as something Real.

What does not chage after you die is the source of the projeciton – the ever real, permanent Beingness, which I call the Atman or Inner Teacher.

Realizations Upon the Death of My Husband, Paul Sibcy

You can ask your Atman very profound, philosophical questions, such as the following:

  • Is the only thing remaining about Paul the Atman? Yes.
  • Does Paul’s Atman continue to exist? Yes
  • Does Paul have awareness of the earthly plane? No.
  • Is the reason Paul had such an easy death that he was already self-realized when he died and did not need further suffering to wake up to who he realy was – the Atman all along? Yes.
  • Do some people when they die retain a connection to the earthly plane and live on as ghosts? No,
  • Are ghosts the imagination of the living? Yes.
  • When mediums connect with the dead, are they connecting with ghosts? No.
  • Are they connecting with the desires of the living? Yes.


Minimize your own suffering, gain access to your intuition, realize your true nature, allow the Atman or Inner Teacher to benefit you. These are the gifts of Self Realization, which are with you at every moment, because they are you.

In love and service,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

Note Regarding Blog Comments

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I am no longer responding to people’s questions regarding personal health matters on my blog, because it becomes stressful for me due to the volume of such questions that I get.

Also there is no way I can actually answer these questions properly without familiarizing myself with the person’s  health.

For anyone who is interested in working with me, please complete the appropriate questionnaire and send it to me. This way I will know that you are ready to move forward with a consultation.

I wish you the best of health.

Peace be with you,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)


  1. Dear Kathy,
    I apologize for the lateness of my reply. Yes, you can use a regular pendulum. Anything that facilitates your ability to receive guidance from the Divine, the Inner Teacher, God, or whatever you call the Transcendent One is good to utilize.

    I wish you success in getting the guidance you desire.

    Peace be with you.

    Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

    • Kathy on January 24, 2020 at 7:53 pm

    Can you use a regular pendulum ? Or must it be your own body? I have a bad hip, getting hip replacement in April.
    Thanks in advance.

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