Are Vaccines Safe: Questioning Forced Vaccinations

My Granddaughter - One Years Old

My Granddaughter – One Years Old

Are Vaccines Safe: Questioning Forced Vaccination by Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

Dear Friends,

This week I received a letter in my inbox saying that we were coming to the end of the open public comment period on Vaccination with the HHS, or the Department of Health and Human Services. I decided to take this opportunity to state my views on Forced Vaccination. Here is the email address if you care to write your own comment on forced vaccinations:


Dear Sirs,

I am writing about my concerns over forced vaccination of children. I have been a homeopath for 35 years, and in that time I have seen many cases of  vaccine damaged children.  Vaccines are a double edged sword, and for that reason, the public should be told the truth about the risks associated with vaccination, so that they can make an educated choice about whether they want to vaccinate their children. The state has no right to force parents to put their children in harm’s way. If there were no harm associated with vaccines, then how come millions of dollars are paid out each year to the families of vaccine damaged children.


There are tragedies on many fronts with regard to vaccination:


1) Massive misinformation about the safety of vaccinations.


2) Betrayal of the trust of young parents brought up to believe that what their doctors and society is telling them about the safety of vaccinations is true.


3) Doctors not taught about alternative medicine, and particularly about the efficacy of homeopathy in treating acute infectious diseases.


4) Doctors raised to be prejudiced or just totally uneducated about homeopathy.


5) The pharmaceutical industry allying with doctors and politicians to market their products.


6) Politicians who have been raised on allopathic medicine, unaware of and uninterested in alternatives, and allying themselves with equally uneducated doctors to pass laws that adversely affect our children, their parents, grandparents and the entire society.


7) The victims of this tragedy are children, parents, the society at large.


8) People are taught to fear acute infectious diseases, diseases which can be treated easily with homeopathy, and which usually resolve in a week to ten days.


9) They are taught to accept that cancer is normal in children, that autoimmune diseases are normal in children, that autism is normal in children, and just need to be addressed with research dollars, but not looking at western medicine’s culpability in this. Could vaccinations be contributing to damaged immune systems of children? Could they be contributing to skyrocketing rates of autism globally? Could they be linked to compromised immune systems in children? Turning the microscope and telescope internally to do some self examination is not somewhere doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and politicians are willing to go.


10) Instead let’s redirect the attention to the few cases of measles outbreaks that have occurred and blame unvaccinated children on the health crisis in America. These are excellent diversionary tactics, were it not for the victims all over the place.


I hope you will take this point of view seriously. The parent with an autistic child next door deserves it.


Love All Serve All,


Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

Links to videos and articles on Vaccines:

Excellent videos of Christina Hidebrand teaching about Vaccine Safety. The first one is very informative.


Informative article by Dr. Richard Moskowitz, a homeopathic M.D. with 52 years of experience in practice. The article is extremely informative and presents scientific as well moral arguments against vaccination:

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Peace be with you,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)


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  1. Autism and Vaccines

    I received a comment to the article I wrote entitled: Are vaccines Safe: Questioning Forced Vaccinations. This comment inspired me to write the following article:

    Dear Mary,
    Thank you for writing.There is not one road to autism, but many possible roads. In a susceptible child exposure to a particular vaccine can cause harm, or autism. You can say that possibly a genetic predisposition to be harmed by vaccines or a particular vaccine exists in certain children. If these susceptible children are not exposed to the vaccines, then they have a greater chance of growing up healthy. That exposure in the susceptible child could be at fault. The issue with vaccines is that there is a choice to expose the child to that vaccine (or at least there should be a choice). Unfortunately we do not know of the susceptibility to the offending substance until the reaction has occurred, at which point we have to deal with a preventable but tragic mistake. On the other hand, we do know that Silica and Thuja children are well-known for being susceptible to harm from vaccines, so if you know your child’s constitutional remedy, you may have a better chance of protecting them from vaccine exposure. It is also extremely wise not to expose Syphilitic, Tubercular, Sycotic and even Psoric children to vaccines, though the latter are the least likely to be harmed by them.

    The situation is similar to that of children exposed to acute inflammatory illnesses, like chicken pox, the mumps and so forth. Let’s say out of a hundred children exposed to the disease only thirty children actually develop it. These are the thirty children who are susceptible to that particular virus. Out of this group you may have 28 who have a relatively minor response and are sick for a week to ten days and then fully recover. Sometimes their health is even better after the illness than before, because their immune systems have been victorious over this virus, and the fever of the illness has enabled them to burn off some negative material.
    Then you have the remaining two children who were highly susceptible to that virus to the point that it totally undermines their immune system, and can lead to life-long health problems or even death. Those same two children, if given that same virus in a vaccine can have an equally devastating reaction, because their susceptibility to being harmed by that particular virus is extremely high.

    I believe this is the mechanism by which vaccines often damage children. The irony is that we vaccinate children in order to prevent those two susceptible ones from having a catastrophic reaction to the acute inflammatory illness, but now we are exposing the entire child population to this illness in forced vaccinations, and you still end up with the same children getting bad results, but the situation is even worse, because we are exposing children who may not have been exposed to this virus had they not received the vaccine.

    Of course, this is an enormous topic. Many children have brain damage, or are backward, deformed or mentally retarded from genetic causes, irrespective of vaccines. In these cases, if the parents had been treated for years with homeopathy prior to conceiving their children the chances of this happening would be much less, but that is not the reality. In homeopathy we have the syphilitic and tubercular miasms, which we can address with remedies and hopefully improve the genetics of the parents and the offspring, and hence have a healthier population.

    I have seen many cases of children who were healthy prior to vaccination, and then extremely unhealthy afterward. Sometimes to the point of utter catastrophe, which devastates the child, the parents, grandparents and the community at large. Most of the vaccine damaged children I have seen have parents who have not sought compensation, because all of their love and energy is going into trying to heal their child. They don’t have the time or energy to spend on lawsuits. That’s why I think only a fraction of the number of vaccine damaged kids is being reported to the Department of Health and Human Services and are getting compensation.

    Thank you for opening up this discussion. There is so much to try to understand.

    In love and service,

    Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

    • May on November 17, 2019 at 5:00 am

    There is a definitive study linking autism with older fathers. There is also a recent case in which most of the children of a certain sperm donor (children from different mothers in different locations) had autism. If autism can be linked to an absent father then how do your theories explain it? It seems to me that autism isn’t caused by vaccines or drugs but instead the symptoms are worsened by vaccines or drugs. Also, childhood vaccines are all free of thimerosol these days.

    Thanks so much for your explanation of LM potency and dosing, it was very helpful. (I see a homeopath)

  2. Dear Monali,
    Thank you or writing with this excellent question. There as a group of homeopaths called CEASE practitioners who believe that autism is not a normally occurring disease in nature and that it is caused by vaccinations, or drugs that the mother took before, or during pregnancy, or if nursing after child birth as well. CEASE Therapy was invented by Dr. Tinus Smit.

    CEASE therapists try to identify which vaccine or substance was the causative factor in the autism, or if that cannot be identified they will do clearings of all vaccines given by administering homeopathic remedies made from the vaccines in the 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M potencies twice weekly of each potency.

    I personally do not believe in this system, because I do not believe in doing anything in a routine fashion, and I feel that this is very aggressive, with the adherence being to the protocol rather than the patient’s response.

    I have very limited experience with using remedies made from vaccines to treat autism, so if you are interested in this approach, it would be better to talk to people who know more about it, like Kari Kindem and Kate Birch.

    As for Thimerosal as a homeopathic remedy, I actually have not heard that there was a remedy made from this, but if we had provings of thimerosal and clinical data giving us guiding symptoms of when to select this substance as a a therapeutic homeopathic agent, I would be for it. We would then be able to use it intelligently, in the same way as we can use DPT as a remedy, because we do have the data I am mentioning. Your comment led me to search the web for information about Thimersol as a homeopathic remedy, and I found this excellent article. Please click here for the link.

    On this note, it is very important to be wary of using Western drugs on children. I treated one child who became autistic after her doctor increased her dose of Zantac to 75 mg from a much lower dose. She was being given this for acid reflux. The autism began the day she took the higher dosage, which her mom calls the worse day of her life.

    I am happy to say that the homeopathic remedy Silica given in three 30C doses over the course of a year reversed her autism. She had dramatic improvement after the first dose.

    With regard to vaccines and Western medicine it is important to remember that the side effects are the effects and guiding symptoms of the Western medicine. Unfortunately they are administered not in accordance with the law of similars and in very highly toxic repeated doses. Hence you have the disaster of poor health and unnatural diseases which a large majority of our population is dealing with.

    Thank you again for writing with your question.

    In love and service,

    Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

    • Monali Manohar on October 29, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    Hello Deborah!

    Thanks for sharing your views on this topic.

    I also came across certain web content mentioning “Thimerosal” as a homeopathic remedy for autism symptoms presumed to have caused post-vaccination. I got confused since it is the same preservative in vaccines, which has been believed to cause neurodamamge in the first place. Could you kindly share your views on using Thimerosal as a homeopathic remedy to treat children falling into mild to moderate spectrum of autism and ADHD?

    Thanks and regards,

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