Tag: Health problems associated with fluoridation

Fluoride Poisoning: A Crime Against Humanity

The Pineal Gland

Fluoride Poisoning: A Crime Against Humanity Summary of the article: Fluoride causes the breakdown of the family, possibly due to the damaging effects on the pineal gland, which also controls our feeling of connection to ourselves, others, and our higher spiritual centers Fluoride causes ADHD, ADD, Learning disorders, and behavioral disorders. Fluoride causes dementia. Fluoride …

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Remedies to Help At the Dentist

Digital Dental XRay Machine

Remedies to Help at the Dentist Hold Arnica 12C or 30C and Ledum 12C or 30C in your pocket when you have dental work done. Why do this? Arnica is good for shock and trauma and controlling bleeding. Ledum is good for puncture wounds, such as you get when the dentist administers anesthesia or drills in your mouth. This tiny little hint can …

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