Remedies to Help At the Dentist

Remedies to Help at the Dentist

Hold Arnica 12C or 30C and Ledum 12C or 30C in your pocket when you have dental work done. Why do this? Arnica is good for shock and trauma and controlling bleeding. Ledum is good for puncture wounds, such as you get when the dentist administers anesthesia or drills in your mouth. This tiny little hint can make your experience in the dental chair much easier than expected, and hasten your recovery at home.

Use Calendula tincture or the 12C, 30C or 200C strengths of the remedy to help heal your mouth after a dental extraction, filling, drilling, or any other work. You can dissolve a few drops of Calendula tincture in warm water and soak a gauze pad with it and put it on the site of the dental work a few times a day for two days. If you do not have the tincture at home, you can use Calendula in any potency you have at home in place of the tincture.

Digital Dental XRay Machine

Digital Dental XRay Machine

Xray esposure: One of our biggest exposures to Xray radiation happens when we go to the dentist. We also get Xray exposure when we travel and walk through the scanning devices at the airport. There are things we can do to reduce the negative impact of this radiation, which adversely affects the pineal gland, and who knows what else?

First of all make sure that the dentist protects you with a lead apron and neck covering. What you can do homeopathically to clear your system from the Xray exposure is to purchase Radium bromatum 12C, 30C or 200C, and/or Xray 12C, 30C, or 200C. These remedies can also help reverse the negative effects of radiation therapy. You do not have to take the remedy orally. You can just put the remedy vial that you have chosen in your pocket and leave it there for half an hour or an hour, or however long you feel that you need it intuitively, and it will do its healing work. This is what I call taking a Pocket Dose of the remedy, which is one of my favorite ways to bring people, including myself, under the influence of a remedy. The wonderful thing about it is that it works.

Urtica Urens Jar

Urtica Urens Jar

Please remember Urtica urens cream for radiation burns.

Protecting yourself from exposure to fluoride: I am extremely sensitive to fluoride, and had a very serious fluoride poisoning experience when my dentist did a routine dental cleaning for me about seven years ago. It took me a very long time to recover my health after that. I have a new dentist now and I told him and the office staff that I am allergic to fluoride in order to make sure that they don’t expose me to it. They were amazed that this could be the case, because they believed that fluoride is safe to use and is nontoxic. To me this is pretty darn amazing. Fluoride is one of the most controversial substances known to man, rivaling Cannabis in its controversial use. There is information on its toxic effects going back generations, so why don’t dentists know about this. I believe it is because they bury their heads very very deep in the sand. (That’s not to say that I don’t love my dentist).

I have heard that fluoride is found in excess in the pineal gland, which is a very important endocrine gland for many reasons, including sleep regulation. Its spiritual function in the body is crucial, and one of its central spiritual functions is to give people a sense of connection to others, their family, and themselves.

It is well known in homeopathy that the remedy Fluoric acid causes people to lose the feeling of connection to family. Hitler used to fluoridate the water in Germany, because he knew this, and it assisted in destroying the moral sense of the people, and dissolving family connections. Here we are in the United States doing exactly the same thing. There is no paucity of information in the internet on the negative effects of fluoride. You can also find information, saying that it is the greatest thing on earth for the teeth. So where is the truth. The fact that there is a controversy means that fluoride is not something innocuous like a pear or an apple. It is something that has a dark side as well as a light side.

What about the connection between fluoride and bones? Can the long term use of fluoridated toothpaste, and drinking fluoridated city water have something to do with the prevalence of osteoporosis? It is worth thinking about. Your dentist is not going to know about any of this, so don’t count on your dentist to be concerned about your overall health outside of his craftsmanship in the office.

What you can do to protect yourself is do not use fluoridated toothpaste products. Use a water filtration system that filters for fluoride. Ask your dentist to clean your teeth without fluoride. Refuse the dental polishing stuff that the dentist will offer, because this has fluoride in it. Here is a link to an article that I wrote the day after I wrote this one. Fluoride Poisoning: A Crime Against Humanity.Fluoride Poisoning: A Crime Against Humanity


Protecting Yourself from Dental Anesthesia: I had to have teeth pulled recently, and I asked the oral surgeon what anesthesia he was going to use. He wanted to use two different anesthesia drugs: lidocaine and another drug. I never use anesthesia when I have dental work unless it is something quite serious, because I don’t like the way I feel when the anesthesia wears off. It puts me in a dark space that usually takes about three days to clear off. I wanted to avoid that happening this time, so I asked the dentist to give me the anesthesia to take home, so that I could turn it into a 12C homeopathic remedy. This is exactly what I did, and I am happy to say that it worked. I did not have the negative emotional effects I have gotten in the past from anesthesia.

It is very simple to turn any allopathic drug into a potentized homeopathic remedy. The reason to do this is that the drug is the crude form of the substance. The homeopathic version is the highly dilute, potentized form of the substance. The potentized form will cancel out the negative effects of the crude form.

Here is how I potentized the anesthesia: I put a 1/4 of a tsp. of both anesthetics into a 4 oz. amber glass jar and filled it with filtered water up to where the bottle bends inward. Then I put a book down on a table and covered it with a mat, so that I wouldn’t damage the book. Then I succussed the jar by banging it against the book 40 times. (I chose the number 40, because I didn’t have the strength or stamina to do it 100 times). Then I took the jar into my yard and poured out all but about 1/4 of a teaspoon of the water in the jar. I had created the 1st centesimal dilution. Then I refilled the bottle the same way as before and repeated the above process 12 times. It took me about 1/2 an hour to do this. It was well worth it to spend that 1/2 hour, because it saved me from three to four days of sinking into a dark depression from the mental effects of the anesthesia.

Remedies for Chronic Problems with the Mouth and Teeth: There are many remedies that we can turn to for chronic problems with the teeth and the mouth. The list is vast, but I will mention some of the most prominent ones below. These remedies can be used for acute pain in the teeth. They can also be used on constitutional indications to try to prevent dental decay.

When trying to select a remedy for chronic dental problems, remember that you cannot separate the mouth from the owner of the mouth. When the attention, however, is forced to the mouth due to pain, then grab the hints from wherever you can get them. Here are some places to look:

Appearance of the tongue.

Appearacnce of the teeth.

Sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold.

The time of day when the pain occurs.

The modalities of the case. Modalities are what makes the symptoms better or worse.

The mental and emotional state of the patient.

Here are some remedies to consider:

Calcarea fluorica – This is generally a great remedy for problems with the bones, including osteoporosis. Calc-fl can be good for premature decay of teeth in children. Also think of Kreosotum for this. Loose teeth and pain at the roots of dead teeth; discoloration of the teeth with white chalky stripes. Cracked and fissured tongue, inflammation of the gums. Affections of the salivary glands. This remedy has great anxiety about money.

Calcarea phosphorica – Another remedy for problems with the bones and osteoporosis. This is a big remedy for headaches in school children. Slow dentition in children, premature decay of teeth. It has lots of symptoms pertaining to the mouth, tongue and gums.

Hecla lava – This remedy is fabulous for severe pain after wisdon tooth or extraction of other teeth. It also has premature decay of the teeth in children. Abscesses at the roots of the teeth. Pain after fillings. Abscesses in the gums. Tumors in the mouth.

Hepar Calcarea Sulphuricum – This is very good for dental abscesses. The patient often wants a heating pad on the face when they have dental pain. Teeth feel elongated or loose. Pain when biting teeth together. Pain aggravated from cold drinks. It has all manner of dental pain. Fistula on the gums. pustules on the tongue. Inflmmation of the salivary glands. Aphthae. Abscess of the tongue. Tongue cancer. Fissured tongue. Hemorrhage of the gums. Touch agg. Swelling of the gums. Syphilitic affections of the mouth.

Hypericum perforatum – Complaints after dental extraction. Dental nerve injuries. Stitching, shooting, stinging pains. Lacerated tongue. Slimy mucus.

Mercurius solubulis or Mercurius vivus – These remedies have slight differences. They are not interchangeable. Mercurius is a wonderful remedy for abscesses.  Often there is sensitivituy to hot and cold, and there may be a vibe of infection, such as a bad smell form the mouth. Dental caries. Slow dentition. Black, gray or yellow discoloration of the teeth. Elongated sensation. Hemorrhage. Inflammation of the dentine. Inflammation at the roots. Teeth jammed or crowded. Looseness of sound teeth. Pains alternating with vertigo and tearing in the limbs. Pains aggravated at night. Pain in bed. Pain from chewing. Pain from eating and drinking. Rubbing the cheeks ameliorates. Pain with involuntary flow of saliva. Pain with swelling of the cheek. Warmth of the bed aggravates. Pain extending to the face and the ears. Jerking pain at night. Pressing pain. Mouth cracked and fissured. Teeth detached from the gums. Edges of the tongue can be red and black. All manner of discoloration of the tongue. Flabby tongue. Inflammation of the tongue and salivary glands. All manner of ulcers. The list of symptoms is very long. This is the central remedy of the Syphilitic miasm in homeopathy. What does this mean? Basically the patient is in the midst of destructive tendencies, which this wonderful remedy can help turn around.

Silica – This is another remedy that is good for dental abscesses, infection at the base of he teeth, like Hepar. This has many constitutional indications. Premature decay of teeth in children. Slow dentition. Abscesses at the roots. Crumbling teeth. Elongated sensation. Complaints after extraction. Loose teeth. Dental fistulas. Pain drinking hot and cold. Pain from chewing. Tooth pain after suppressed foot sweat. Tooth pain with swelling of the teeth. Pain ameliorated with wrapping the head. Pain extending to the ears and head.Teeth detached from the gums. Abscesses of the gums. Tongue cancer.  Hairy sensation of the tongue. Viscid saliva. Tumors in the gums. Paralysis of the tongue. Ulcers and Aphthae. Silica is one of the most commonly indicated constitutional remedies. Here is a link to an article I wrote entitled Silica – Queen of Homeopathic Remedies for Vaccine Reactions

Spigelia anthelma – This remedy is good for trigeminal neuralgia, or when the pain in the teeth gets severe and radiates to the ears and eyes or to other areas. Raising head from the pillow ameliorates. Aggravation lying on the right side. Pain aggravated by tobacco smoke. Cracked tongue. Burning vesicles in the mouth. Stitching pains in the tongue.

Staphysagria – This is known as the surgeon’s friend in homeopathy. This is a big remedy for ailments from suppressed anger. Early decay of teeth in children. Crumbling teeth. Discoloration black. Dwarfed or cupped teeth. Pain after eating. Sensitivity to hot and cold. Tooth pain during menses. Tooth pain in nursing mothers or during pregnancy. Pain extending to the ears, eyes, face, head, and inward. Pain in hollow teeth. Tooth pain of many descriptions. Nodosities of the gums. Necrosis of the gums. Warts  on the tongue. Tumors. Ulcers.

Symphytum – This remedy is good for bone injury and trauma. Injuries to the bones and teeth from falls, blows, sprains.

All of these remedies are much bigger in the area of the mouth and teeth than I am indicating. I chose what symptoms to mention. I hope these hints will help you heal quickly from your dental procedure and with the health of your mouth and your general health.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

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