Silica – Queen of Homeopathic Remedies for Vaccine Reactions



Silica – Queen of Homeopathic Remedies for Vaccine Reactions

Probably about half of the people reading this article will have received their vaccinations, and G-d willing, everyone is responding well and not having any adverse reactions or side effects. Most of the people I meet seem to be doing fine after the COVID19 shots.

A few people, however, are having a few issues, some very minor, and some not so minor. Fortunately, homeopathy can be helpful in this situation. For local symptoms at the site of the vaccination Ledum palustre cream can be very good, as this is good for puncture wounds and ailments at the site of the vaccination. A deeper remedy than this is Silica terra.

Silica terra, aka Silica, Silicea, or pure flint, is one of the mainstays in homeopathy for ailments from vaccination. I recently gave Silica 30C to a woman who experienced extreme arm pain after her vaccination. This symptom was much better within a few day of receiving the remedy.

Silica can come into service for people who need Silica constitutionally, or for people whose immune systems have been weakened after the vaccination. They can develop symptoms such as asthma, headaches, chronic infections, epilepsy, abscesses, loss of stamina, weight loss or sleepiness after vaccinations.

After publishing this article I had several clients call me to ask how to take it. Please do not take this remedy if you are not under the guidance of a homeopath. This is one of many remedies that can help with vaccine reactions. It is important that the totality of symptoms be taken into consideration, and that the indicated remedy is administered. There is no one size fits all approach in homeopathy,

Guilding Physical Symptoms fo Silica

Here are a few of the guiding symptoms to Silica, one of homeopathy’s greatest polychrest remedies. which means remedy of many uses. With these polychrest remedies every area of the body can manifest the charactistics of the remedy. The following just scratches the surface of the healing power of this element, which plays an important role in all of nature. We enjoy walking on it when we go to the beach, as it is the main element in sand.

It is well known that Silica gives support, straightness and back bone to plants. Well it does the same thing for humans. It is the main remedy for kyphosis and scoliosis, where you have curvatures of the spine. People who have weak muscles, bones, cartilage, joints and tendons, or suffer from shin splints, or bones that don’t heal well can he strengthened by Silica. The remedy helps with softening of the bones, and necrosis of the bones.

Silica comes into service where you have problems with the nails, such as weak, crippled and brittle nails; or where you have problems with the hair, such as baldness, or premature falling of the hair. It helps people who have profuse head sweats, or with babies who have milk crust or open fontanelles. Since we are talking about the head, Silica can be of good service for people who have headaches that are better for wrapping the head warmly and tightly.

In the nutritive sphere, Silica is often needed for peiple who have milk allergies. Babies can be allergic to the mother’s milk and have many problems relating to nursing. Silica is an important remedy to remember for weak and malnourished children. It is one of the first remedies to think of for premature babies with failure to thrive. Children can be late learning to walk, and be delayed in their development. It is good for protein deficiency, poor assimiliation and deposition of minerals.

Siilica is a great remedy for the tendency to produce abscesses, cysts, boils and fistulas. Infections with pus formation often call for Silica. It is an important remedy for dental abscesses. Silica can expel foreign bodies, (but here it has to be used with caution, because you don’t a free floating bullet traveling around the body).

Silica is one of our great remedies for wounds that are slow to heal, and for keloids and scars. Silica can absorb scar tissue. With Silica every injury suppurates. It can help with impetigo, psoriasis, and abscesses after vaccination.

Silica is a very sweaty remedy. It can have sour and offensive sweats on the head, hands and feet. The sweats can be debilitating and acrid, and can destroy the shoes.

Silica can be helpful for arthritic and rheumatic conditions where the symptoms agree.

Some other Silica physical symptoms are:

  • Silica can help people who have problems with enlarged or indurated glands.
  • Silica can help with convulsions after vaccination. Silica also helps with epilepsy where the aura is in the solar plexus.
  • Silica is a generally cold and chilly remedy and hates drafts.
  • Bunions and styes often call for this remedy.

Silica is truly a polychrest remedy, meaning a remedy of many uses. When called for this remedy builds up the economy both emotionally and physically. Silica gives strength, uprightness and grit to the physical being and confidence, and flexibility to the mind.

Guiding Mental and Emotional Symptoms of Silica

As for the mental and emotional symptoms, people who need Silica can often have fixed view points and be inflexible in their thinking. Silica can help loosen that mental rigidity.

People who need Silica are often shy, timid, bashful or faint-hearted. They can have anticipatory and performance anxiety. They can suffer from a lack of self confidence, and suffer from a fear of failure, and consequently are afraid to undertake anything. Alternatively, they can be sharp mentally, but weak physically, so they focus their energies on the mental plane.

Other Silica mental symptoms are:

  • Conscientious or fastidious about trifles or details.
  • Lack of confidence or worrying about the mind’s ability to perform.
  • Dread of any mental effort.
  • Poor concentratoin and memory.
  • Brain fog, brain exhaustion, mental prostration.
  • They are afraid of draining their energy, so avoid doing things they fear can exhaust them. They monitor their energy output.
  • Yielding disposition on the one hand, but obstinate, stubborn, and headstrong on the other.
  • A keynote symptom for Silica is a fear of needles, pins and sharp objects. Many people are now exhibiting a fear of the vaccine. If the fear is extremely high, I would consider Silica as a possible constitutional remedy.

Anyway folks, I hope I have done a tiny bit of justice to the great therapeutic power of Silica, whom I am dubbing Queen of Remedies for Vaccine Reactions. Most of the information for this article came from Robin Murphy, N.D.s book Nature’s Materia Medica, Fourth Edition, published by Lotus Health Institute in 2020.

I hope this article not only introduces you to the materia medica of Silica, but also expands your knowledge and curiosity about homeopathy, the world’s greatest and unfortunately for humanity, best kept secret.

Please see if you recognize yourself, children, friends or family members in this remedy picture. Homeopathy is here for the betterment of the health of humanity, but it can’t help, if you don’t know about it, or know where to turn to get guidance on how to use it.

Wishing you health and happiness.

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

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