Pursuing Homeopathic Learning

Pursuing Homeopathic Learning

Deborah Olenev's Materia Medicas

Deborah Olenev’s Materia Medicas

Dear Friends,

Now that I am in my elder years, I want to make sure that I use the remainder of my time on this planet in the most efficacious way I can think of. What has value for me is the following:

Deepening and expanding my knowledge of homeopathy so that I can:

Find greater ways to heal myself.

Find greater ways to heal my family.

Find greater ways to heal my clients and my friends.

Find greater ways to heal the planet we live on and the animals and plants that we share it with.

I am no different from the alchemists of old who were searching for the Holy Grail, or the Philosopher’s Stone, or the Secret to Immortality. I am not looking for immortality, but I am looking for ways to improve health. Here are some practices I find to be essential for me. Each person will have their own life enhancing practices that are unique to themselves.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan: Body and Mind in Harmony by Sophia Delza

T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Body and Mind in Harmony by Sophia Delza

Exercise: Obviously taking care of the physical body is an important part of this pursuit. I studied yoga from my late teens and then moved to T’ai Chi Ch’uan when I was 20. I was very fortunate to have fantastic teachers of these physical arts: Moya Devi for yoga, and Sophia Delza for T’ai Chi Ch’uan. I studied with Sophia Delza for 11 years.

I have heard the saying that we are what we accumulate. I accumulated the time I spent learning and then continuing to practice these arts on a daily basis until now. This is 48 years of accumulation, and this has awarded me with a flexible and healthy body.

I go for a walk every morning. This is my bliss time. I commune with the trees and the flowers. Every flower and tree I see has an energy field and a healing power.  I stop before a plant that attracts me and I ask does this plant have healing energy for me. Sometimes I get no and other times I get an overwhelming yes. As I walk I receive the healing from the plants that I interact with, and the plants in turn receive my healing energy.

Meditation: Prior to my morning walk I do my morning meditation, which is a combination of the following practices:

Pranayama – breathing exercises.

Mudra – finger gestures. I use the Gayatri Mantra Mudras.

Mantra – reciting a spiritual phrase

Concentration and Interiorization

I do all of the above simultaneously. This is another thing I have accumulated. I was introduced to meditation by my yoga teacher, Moya Devi, when I was about 18 and living in New York City. This was a life changer for me. I have accumulated so much spiritual energy by investing in this.

The gift of this investment was that it enabled me to realize my Atman, the indwelling God in all of us.

Coming back to the Holy Grail. Homeopathy has been my path to the pursuit of health. It is not only my path, but it is also my passion. There is nothing I would rather learn or study than homeopathy. Why? Because I can help people with it? I can relieve some of the suffering I see around me.

One of the ways I study homeopathy is by taking webinars on https://www.cheonline.co.uk/. I am a CHE Pro member, and for about $500 a year I have access to webinars from teachers all around the world that are of the highest quality. I watch these webinars in the evenings. I learn from intelligent people who impart their life experience and knowledge with generosity and love. I try to watch the webinars over and over again, because I learned from my T’ai Chi Ch’uan teacher, Sophia Delza, that the way to truly learn something is by repeating it over and over again till it becomes part of you.

Here is a list of the classes I have taken this year on CHEonline.co.uk:

The Endocrine System with Hilery Dorrian

Lesser Known Snakes with Jonathan Stallick

The Syphilitic Miasm & Related Remedies with Tony Hurley

Review of the Constitutions with Tony Hurley

Folliculinum with Dr Taryn Jacobs

The Sycotic Miasm & Related Remedies with Mike Bridger

Graphites with Ralf Jeutter

Bamboo with Tony Hurley

Bacillinum with Dion Tabrett

Carcinosin with Tony Hurley

Saccharum Officionale with Tony Hurley

Pulsatilla with Maggie Dixon

Spider Remedies with Tony Hurley

Calc Phos & Related Remedies with Tony Hurley

Brown Recluse Spider, Absinthe and Cod Liver Oil with Jonathan Stallick

Thuja and Related Remedies with Tony Hurley

Sepia with Maggie Dixon

The Magnesiums with Tony Hurley

Comparing Conifers; Prescribing with Pine Trees with Colin Griffith

The Kali’s with Tony Hurley

Ferns, Fungi & Fish with Jonathan Stallick

Coffea & Related Remedies with Tony Hurley

Fertility Secrets Struggles and Successes with Gabriel Traub

The Lanthanides with Jonathan Stallick

Tissue Salts with Dr. Taryn Jacobs

Hahnemann and the Second Scientific Revolution with Dr. Rudi Vespoor

Menopause with Hilery Dorrian

The Wisdom of the Hormone Cycle with Dr. Taryn Jacobs

Male Health Issues with Dr. Ralf Jeutter

The Homeopathy and Cancer Webinar Series with Dr. Robin Murphy

5G Electromagnetic Radiation Toxicity with Dr. Robin Murphy

Al Ferasa The Ancient Art of Face Reading with Dr. Ralf Jeutter

The Lac Family Remedies with Hillery Dorrian

Ancestral Trauma with Colin Griffith

New Material Medica: Pineal Gland and Dragon’s Blood with Colin Griffith

COVID19 with Dr. Ralf Jeutter

What is the purpose of all of this study? To make me a better homeopath, so that I can do good work for the people who seek my assistance. When someone experiences a healing I feel joy inside.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)



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