Homeopathy Does Not Leave the Person Out of the Equation

Homeopathy Does Not Leave the Person Out of the Equation

My Grandbaby - Pure Joy

My Grandbaby – Pure Joy

Dear Friends,
I had an interesting experience this weekend. I went to a class with a master Qi Gong teacher, because I was curious to learn from her. I had studied T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Qi Gong for eleven years with the late Sophia Delza from 1979 to 1990, and I have been practicing what she taught me ever since.*  She was one of the greatest blessings to me in my life. I have to thank the universe for bringing me to this great teacher. I also have to thank the universe for bringing me to homeopathy. I am double blessed. Actually I can count a multitude of blessings.

At the conclusion of the teachings by the Qi Gong master she offered healing sessions to the students present. One by one people came forward and she asked them what they needed healing for. Each person offered up one complaint to be healed. The teacher had a strong intuition, so she did her best to bring relief of that one complaint in about four to five minutes of time per person.

Finally I could not hold back the following comment, and I did ask my Atman, if it was okay for me to say what I needed to say. I was given the go ahead. My comment was that you have left the person out of the equation.

You do not know anything about the person’s emotional state, their health history, their concomitant symptoms, or their family background, In other words you haven’t investigated who this individual is. How can you treat someone whom you do not know or have not tried to understand? One of the other attendees chimed in, yes, you do not know their astrology, their family constellation, and their past lives. This person investigates things at a different level from the way I do.

I was in the end extremely grateful to the Qi Gong master for her demonstration and the workshop, because it made me very conscious and aware of how important it is to know the person you are treating. You cannot leave the person out of the equation.

Many, if not all of us, have had the experience of going to a Western doctor specializing in some modality. We formulate our presentation to the practitioner according to what we assume is relevant information for their specialty. For example if I am going to an ear nose and throat specialist, I will not tell him or her about the problems I am experiencing with my digestion, or my heart, or my menstrual cycle or my knees. I tailor what I tell them to what I believe is their level of knowledge. Again the person is left out of the equation.

I will endeavor now more than ever not to leave the person out of the equation. As a homeopath, I am not a specialist. I am a generalist. There is no piece of information that is not valuable to me. There is no piece of information that is irrelevant to what I need to investigate what is needed by the patient.

You as the patient do not have to dumb down your message to me to suit what you perceive is my level of knowledge, unless you are talking about astrology and past lives of which I have little knowledge.

Here is my prayer with regard to this. When you present your story, your history, your experience to your homeopath, may he or she see you as a whole person, and be interested in the entirety of you. May you partner with your homeopath in the journey and experience of healing and restoration of health.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

* If you are curious about Sophia Delza, I refer you to her book “T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Body and Mind in Harmony”

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