Homeopathy for Children

Homeopathy for Children

Children Playing

Children Playing

Homeopathy is a therapeutic art and science founded in Germany by a Dr. Samuel Hahnemann over two hundred years ago. It utilizes medicines made from natural substances in very tiny doses. The medicines stimulate the immune system initiating a healing response that unfolds over time to restore health and harmony.

Homeopathy is well-suited to treating children’s health complaints. The remedies are painless to administer, they taste sweet, one dose lasts a very long time, and they benefit children on all levels from the physical to the mental, emotional, and spiritual. Homeopathic medicines address the underlying causes of illness, such as inherited conditions, vaccine damage, and environmental and emotional stresses.

Many parents are bewildered by the frequent illnesses of their children, or by the fact that their kids often seem restless or discontent. They just can’t figure out what to do to make them happy. The parents take their youngster to the doctor, but receive a clean bill of health. The mother and father can sense, however, that the child is not quite in balance. Maybe the child is whiny or clingy, or wakes frequently during the night. These are things that homeopathy can help with. A specific ailment has not been diagnosed, but the child is not at ease.

Sometimes parents notice that their young one has problems at play. They might sense that the creative energy behind the play is not as vibrant as it should be. Maybe the child gets bored easily, or cannot concentrate on what she is doing. Perhaps the child behaves destructively, or gets angry if she doesn’t receive undivided attention. All of these problems at play indicate that the child is not in balance. The healing energies of the homeopathic remedies can help restore your child to balance, so that she will be more happy and creative at play.

The above are subtle signs of illness. What about when the signs are not so subtle. As when your child suffers from the following conditions:



Frequent colds, and coughs



Recurrent ear infections


These are all conditions homeopathy can treat effectively and efficiently. Many of them are complex conditions that have genetic causes, such as allergies, asthma and psoriasis. This is the field where homeopathic medicine thrives and does excellent work. These conditions can sometimes take several years to cure, but the child will be noticeably better with each season.

There is a wide range of emotional and mental conditions that homeopathy can help children with, such as:

Anxiety and Fears

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Behavioral Problems

Clinginess and whininess


Excessive anger



Nervousness and anxiety


Separation anxiety

Homeopathy is respectful of the mind/body connection. Experience teaches us that illness stems from the mind and from there manifests in the rest of the body. We therefore place great value on the mental and emotional symptoms as guides to the remedy.



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