Dream of the Widespread Use of Homeopathy

Dream of the Widespread Use of Homeopathy


Drive Through COVID19 Testing

Drive Through COVID19 Testing

Dream of the Widespread Use of Homeopathy


I have a dream that when people drive to COVID19 testing sites that they get tested, but at the same time a trained homeopath, or doctors, nurses, or medical personnel who have taken training courses in acute homeopathic care ask a few simple questions to determine what homeopathic remedy the patient’s symptoms call for. I have a dream that the health practitioner will dissolve a few pellets of the indicated remedy in a disposable cup for the patient to drink and then they return home to recover and live a long life.


The trained medical professional can ask the person seeking testing the following questions:


  1. Please tell me what your symptoms are?
  2. What do you feel like?
  3. What are the sensations you are experiencing?
  4. What makes you feel better or worse?
  5. What time are your symptoms at their worse?
  6. What time are they at their best?
  7. Are you thirsty?
  8. What do you want to eat?
  9. Tell me about your emotional state?
  10. What are your fears and anxieties?


Here are examples of possible remedies the patient’s may need to feel better, regardless of whether the health practitioner is seeing a case of the flu, pneumonia or the Coronavirus. Remember in homeopathy it is not the disease diagnosis that is of crucial importance, but the patient himself and the state he is in, regardless of the diagnosis.


Here are the cars and the people in them that I have imagined driving to testing sites  and what remedies they may need based on their symptoms. No importance should be given to the cars I have named.


1. The patient in the first car, a Golden Saturn, looks obviously quite anxious. His symptoms aggravate at night, especially between midnight and 2 a.m. at which time he suffers from restlessness that drives him from the couch to the bed and back. This patient needs Arsenicum album 30C or 200C. In addition he or she may be germ phobic, fastidious, and have thirst for small sips of water. Debility, exhaustion, burning pains and high or septic fever along with difficulty breathing will round out the picture. Diarrhea, vomiting and nausea are other important features.


  • Arsenicum album is the number one remedy in homeopathy for acute asthma, food poisoning and stomach viruses.
  • This is the remedy the Indian government recommended everyone take prophylactically to prevent getting Coronavirus.
  • If we were restricted to only one remedy to teach allopathic physicians about, I would choose this one.
  • It is a great prophyactic remedy in cancer cases. Just think of what it could do in children’s cancer wards in hospitals around this country and the world, but ignorance prevents so much good from happening. What a terrible shame. Think of all the lives being lost to the Coronavirus at this very moment that could have been saved with this one remedy.
  • What is the number one obstacle to cure in the Coronavirus and all diseases–ignorance. In curable cases the answers are there. What is missing is the ability to look outside the box for those answers.
  • The world has suppressed homeopathy to the point that we have now forgotten its existence, or that such beauty could ever have existed on this earth. This is the same way that we have forgotten our own divine natures.


2. The patient in the next car may pull up in a Volvo. This patient suffers from a cough that is worse from motion and better from rest. Even the slight motion of laughing, sneezing or coughing, or just the action of breathing can cause stitching or tearing pains, especially in the chest. Dryness, extreme thirst, irritability, and a desire to be left alone round out the picture of Bryonia alba, another one of our great pneumonia and pleurisy remedies. Bryonia is also a great remedy for appendicitis and diverticulitis.


  • Bryonia alba is one of our top three flu remedies, along with Eupatorium perfoliatum and Gelsemium. This is a remedy which absolutely has to be remembered for the Coronavirus.
  • Bryonia is another great pneumonia and pleurisy remedy. Coronavirus is presenting as pneumonia or double pneumonia. How can we forget this remedy?
  • Other characteristics to be remembered about Bryonia alba are: it is suitable to robust and healthy people. (Maybe this is the remedy that those healthy young people dyring of Coronavirus, which no one can explain need).
  • Dry parched mouth, hard dry stools, pressive headaches, dry cough.
  • Talks of business, wants to go home, irritable. Aggravation from motion is the supreme guiding symptom.
  • It is sad that hundreds should be dying daily who need this remedy. The AMA and the medical schools have turned out generations of doctors uneducated in homeopathy. The recent generations of educators have often not been exposed to homeopathy at all, as the veil obscuring homeopathy and denying its existence and value, has been down for so long that people have forgotten that there ever was a veil, or that there ever was anything of value behind the curtain.


3.This patient may drive up in a Ford Pickup Truck. He looks and smells toxic and his breath repels everyone. In addition he has increased salivation, night-time aggravation, a sweetich metallic taste in the mouth, and night sweats with oily yellow perspiration. He or she needs Mercurius virus or solutulis 30C or 200C or another salt of Mercury.  Mercury is a human thermometer. He or she is aggravated by the heat of the bed, and sensitive to every temperature change.


  • This remedy can have ulcerations.
  • Putrid sore throats and ear infections
  • Tremors, vertigo, swellings, pus formation
  • In terms of the lungs they have soreness from fauces to sternum; yellow muco-purulent expectoration; cannot lie on the right side.
  • “It transforms healthy tissue into decrepid and inflamed necrotic wrecks.” Boericke.
  • When you are in the environment of a Mercurius patient you feel the toxic vibration strongly. That feeling may be the best guiding symptom to the remedy.
  • If you suspect Mercurius ask the patient if they have any taste in their mouth and if they say a metallic taste, you have cinched the case.
  • Mercurius will restore the patient to health and make them pleasant to be around again.


4. The patient driving the Honda car may be overwhelmed by fatigue, dizziness, headache and a feeling of heaviness in the eyes or elsewhere, with strong anticipatory anxiety. This patient would benefit from Gelsemium sempirvirens 30C or 200C. This remedy was the great life saver in the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. Chinese homeopaths in the COVID19 epidemic have also claimed that it has done good work for them in the current epidemic. This is a great remedy for the elderly, and those suffering from chronic fatigue.


  • Gelsemium is one of our top three flu remedies. When weakness and heaviness are the biggest problems associated with the flu, or the patient has never felt well since the flu–Gelsemium is the remedy to think of.
  • Quoting from Boericke, who gives the essence of the remedy in the first paragraph: “General prostration. Dizziness, drowsiness, dullness, and trembling. Slow pulse, tired feeling, mental apathy.”


5. Driving the next car, an elderly gentleman in a Black Lexus, makes loud explosive burps that can be heard from across the parking lot. He has air hunger and wants the windows open, or they can be in a collapsed state. Give him Carbo veg 30C or 200C and restore him to vitality and long life.


  • Collapsed state, worn out, debilitated, after too much drugging
  • Faint
  • Icy cold
  • Old people with venous congestion.
  • Respiratory: spasmodic cough, bluish face, neglected pneumonia, asthma in the aged with blue skin; occasional spells of long coughing attacks.
  • Terrible digestive complaints with lots of flatulence and burping.
  • This is obviously a remedy that has to be remembered in advanced Coronavirus cases, where the person is turning blue, faint and in a collapsed state. You will be calling an ambulance when the person needs Carbo veg.
  • This remedy saved my father’s life several times. He drives a Black Lexus.


6. What if the passenger in the RAV4 is very friendly, and sympathetic to all the  suffering people in the neighboring cars, and the poor hard working doctors and nurses helping everyone. While talking to you they take sips from a large Diet Coke swimming in ice that they picked up at the Jack in the Box Drive Thru. They are in the queue to get tested because they are having trouble breathing. A dose of Phosphorous 30C or 200C, one of the top two remedies for pneumonia, should make them feel better and allow them to return home and bring joy to their loved ones.


  • Phosphorous is one of our top two pneumonia remedies.
  • It is a hemorrhagic remedy.
  • Respiratory: “Cannot talk on account of pain in the larynx.” Congestion of the lungs, burning in the chest; aggravation going from a warm to a cold room. Tightness across the chest, great weight on the chest, heat in the chest; respiration quickened, oppressed, aggravation lying on the left side.
  • This remedy saved my then 88 year old mother-in-law’s life when she was hospitalized for pneumonia last year.
  • This is a remedy that cannot be forgotten for the Coronavirus.
  • Phosphorous is also one of the most commonly needed constitutional remedies.


These are just a few examples of the beautiful remedies in the homeopathic tool chest that should be brought forward, that should be used, that should be distributed at all the testing sites across the United States and the world. The pellets in those little vials would love to escape their bottles, just like the genies in the bottles all around the world are longing to be rubbed and wished upon, so that their power to do good and heal can be brought out into the world. Those little pellets would dance for joy for the opportunity to interact with people (or just come into proximity with their energetic fields) and bring about deep and profound healing.


Yes, I have a dream just as hard as Martin Luther King’s Dream to bring into reality. The dream of how do you wake people from the veil cast over their eyes by allopathic medicine?


How do you change a point of view? How do you change a prejudice? How do you show people that the medical system they believe in, is as deep in them as their religion, and that it will affect their quality of life, their health, the health of their children, and sometimes their life expectancy? Anyway that’s my dream—that people seeking help actually get it from people who have some training in homeopathy.


We have built an enormous and massively costly infrastructure for the institutions of allopathic medicine—a system based on testing patients to determine the diagnosis, and treating based on the diagnosis rather than on the understanding of what Hahnemann taught in the Organon of Medicine (this book goes by different names, but it is the book in which Hahnemann set down the rules on how to use homeopathic remedies safely, and in which he explains the science and art of homeopathy).


Hahnemann taught principles of healing, such as:


  • How to perceive what it is in the sick that needs healing
  • How to understand the healing properties of medicine
  • How to give medicines to the sick—by matching the symptoms of the patient to a remedy that has produced similar symptoms to those of the patient in provings. (Provings are experiments on the healthy to determine the healing properties of the substance being proven).
  • How to administer the remedy in the smallest possible dose, so as to minimize or eliminate the medicinal side effects, and magnify the healing properties of the substance.
  • How to repeat the remedy safely, so that you do not interrupt a remedy that is working, in order to restore the patient to health as rapidly as possible.


Anyway folks I have many dreams. May I and all of us sleep well every night, so that we can have dreams that bring us wisdom, self knowledge, peace, love and rest.


Peace be with you,


Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)


P.S. Here is a very simple dream that could potentially save hundreds of lives each day: Put remedy envelopes containing 8 pellets of Arsenicum album 200C under everyone’s pillow who is in a ventilator in the hospital. I bet you that this act alone would save most of those patients and allow them to return home to their families and their lives. Ideally we would give each person a well selected homeopathic remedy, but that would be an impossible task, but with just the one remedy Arsenicum album, we can still do a tremendous amount of good.



The cost of saving a life with homeopathy would be about twenty five cents per person, because all each patient needs is a tiny fraction of what is in the bottle. One vial alone of just one of our great homeopathic remedies could potentially save the lives of many people with COVID19. My dream is that homeopathy gains the acceptance it deserves.


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Peace be with you,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)




  1. Dear Fain,
    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, I do take new clients. I am seeing almost all my clients these days using video conferencing, so whether you live near or far from me does not matter.

    If you are interested in making an appointment, please complete the adult questionnaire and email it back to me. This lets me know that you would like to proceed. Here is a link to the adult questionnaire:

    I hope that homeopathy helps you attain your health goals.

    Peace be with you,

    Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

    • Fain Zimmerman on August 15, 2020 at 12:30 pm

    Thank you for this wonderful article! I am just now learning more about homeopathy, altho I’ve used the common remedies like Arnica and some of the Hyland products a long time. I found one wonderful cream for my eczema – Florasone that worked really well.

    I’ve just begun to realize how powerful and useful the many remedies can be with the knowledge of a trained homeopath. Do you take patients who are long distance? I live in Texas and I’ve only found one practitioner about 200 miles away – no one close.

    But I am very anxious to learn and know more.
    Thank you again!

    Fain Zimmerman

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