May 13

What Do Layers in Homeopathy Mean?

Games at Night Arkansas State Fair

Games at Night Arkansas State Fair

One of my clients had a question:  “What do layers in homeopathy mean?”

Here is my answer:

Most of us come into the world carrying the baggage of inherited conditions from our ancestors. These can compose some of the layers. For example, if someone in the family had cancer, tuberculosis, typhoid. All of those are layers.

Then you can have layers from vaccinations, or illnesses or traumas you have personally or your ancestors have experienced. Even medications you have taken can put on layers that need to be addressed.

We are all very complex beings. In the past people may have been one dimensional and had one predominating disease, but most people, especially as they get older accumulate numerous diseases. All of those additional diseases can be layers that need to be addressed.

For example take an elderly person who has already gone through:

massive tooth decay.

All of these diseases can live simultaneously in one person. Sometimes one remedy will cover a number of the symptoms, but most of the time the homeopath has to address the uppermost layer, or the symptom that is causing the greatest problems at the time and then deal with what comes up next. These are layers.

Also for seekers after health, uncovering the layers as they come up to the top in prominence helps drive the healing process forward and shows the homeopath what needs to be addressed next.

An analogy that I occasionally think of  are the shooting range games at fairs where you have to shoot down the ducks as they pop up in order to win a prize. Each duck that pops up is a layer. The job of the homeopath is to shoot down that duck, and then another duck pops up. When you have run out of ducks, meaning symptoms or disease layers, you are then resting in a state of health (or the alternative is that you are dead) since you now have no more symptoms. We are hoping for the former, a state as free of disease as possible.

I appreciate my client asking the question, as it gave me a chance to explain what I mean by layers.

Peace be with you,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)