One or More Homeopathic Remedies for Life

One or More Homeopathic Remedies for Life

Dear Friends,

There are many different schools of thought as to whether there is only one remedy for a person throughout that person’s life, or whether people can benefit from different remedies at different stages of their lives. Here are my thoughts on that.

Q. Is it true that there is one remedy, the person’s constitutional remedy, that will address all of their health complaints?

A. There are many differences of opinion about this question. One of the most intelligent answers I have read is that at any one moment in time during your life there is a single remedy called for that will address your current condition. Sankaran has the concept of the other song that he teaches. He says that this is the substance in nature that is playing itself through you, with you as the instrument, and that there will only be one such substance for your lifetime. I am not sure that this is totally accurate, or perhaps it is true for some people, but not for all.

From my experience people can come into the world needing one remedy and go out needing another, and the various vicissitudes of life can introduce trauma layers and even completely change the constitution. Let me illustrate what I mean using an imaginary person from birth to death.

At birth the baby can experience a birth trauma that can put on an Arnica, Aconite or even an Opium layer, if the trauma and fright of the birth experience is not addressed. Not meeting with the homeopathic remedy their symptoms call for, they may even persist in this state throughout their life, leading to chronic Arnica, Aconite, and Opium cases.

If the birth trauma was not an issue and they are a very healthy baby, but perhaps prone to catching colds, getting ear infections and respiratory affections, they may need an antipsoric remedy like Lycopodium and Calcarea, or a sycotic miasm remedy like Pulsatilla and Silica to strengthen their immune systems, and address emotional challenges. These are very common constitutional remedies for children, and many people do persist with these constitutional pictures throughout their lives.

Now imagine the possibility that this child is sensitive to vaccinations and is weakened emotionally and physically by them and goes into a Silica or Thuja state. Even more traumatic and tragic, imagine that child becomes autistic after the vaccines. I treat many children on the autistic spectrum whose autism began immediately following vaccinations. Vaccinations can be a big etiology for causing chronic health problems in children. Silica and Thuja are two well-known remedies for ailments from vaccination. Etiology means the thing or event that brought the condition on.

Further, as the child gets older they may injure themselves doing gymnastics, and acquire a Rhus toxicodendron, Ruta, Hypericum or Ledum layer. These are the first aid and trauma remedies that I talk about in this book. If this layer is not addressed, the repercussions of this injury can potentially last a lifetime, bringing on conditions such as arthritis, contractures of the joints, and chronic pain.

The trauma does not have to be on the physical plane; it can also be an emotional trauma. Take a healthy and sensitive Calcarea child and expose her to a home environment where she does not feel safe, and she can go into a Rhus tox state. A common etiology for Rhus tox is feeling threatened in their home by an abusive or alcoholic parent, or aggressive sibling.

Further in our example, the child may see a very frightening movie or witness a violent crime, or live in a war torn country, and then remedies from the acute miasm may start to come into their case as well, such as Aconite, Stramonium or Belladonna.

What about the child who sits out in the sun and gets heat stroke and has never been well since that etiology, and now they have a Glonoinum or Belladonna layer added on.

Going further, perhaps this child grows up and lives in a country where there is religious or ethnic persecution and they need to flee that country and find a new home. This can bring can on an Iodine layer, or call for another Tubercular miasm remedy.

Let’s say this child, now a young adult decides to explore the world and travels to India or Africa, and drinks unclean water. The child, who may have been Calcarea all along, now needs Arsenicum album, or Pulsatilla.

Still exploring exotic tropical lands, they may come down with a violent case of malaria, and need remedies such as Natrum muriaticum or China.

How about adding in some emotional shocks. Let’s say your healthy Calcarea daughter falls in love with a man who may not be the best choice for her and he does not reciprocate her love. Now you can add on an Ignatia layer. Ignatia is one of our big grief remedies and remedies for disappointed love. The Ignatia person is so in love with their lover that they feel they are married to them even if they are not. It is also a big remedy for acute grief from death or loss of a loved one.

Now imagine your child in school where they become competitive with another child whom they feel is getting all the attention, like the jealousy Ron Weasley sometimes feels for his best friend, Harry Potter, in the “Harry Potter series.” This can bring on a Tarentula hispanica layer. Children who need this remedy have a big fear of spiders. There will usually be some physical gesture or activity that they do to clue you into this remedy for them. For instance one little boy who did very well on the remedy had a habit of pulling out the yarn from his sweater, and a young girl who needed the remedy loved to weave and would twist Kleenexes into long threads. In several of these children once the Tarentula hispanica was administered the constitutional picture changed, and a different remedy was called for.

Imagine that the child has grown into a young woman, and is now pregnant, or has had a difficult labor, she may need remedies such as Sepia for the hormonal shock to the system. She may lose her sex drive and even experience an aversion to her husband, to whom she was so affectionate shortly before.

Entering menopause, she may suffer terribly from hot flashes, and fear that her husband is looking at younger women and start to distrust him. Feelings of jealousy may arise as she compares herself to other women and fears her husband’s infidelity. Now she may need a remedy like Lachesis muta, one of the best-known remedies for ailments during menopause.

Now imagine this person has become an old man or a frail old woman, and they may need remedies like Arsenicum album or Secale cornutum for their health complaints. I have helped several old people who developed pre-gangrenous conditions of the feet with these remedies. I treated one elderly lady for the last 15 years of her life with Secale. It sustained her in good health till her dying day at the age of 100, when she died sitting at the table enjoying her morning tea with her great granddaughter. So you see the remedy people need at the beginning of their life can change over time, as they go through the different stages of life and encounter different stresses.

As people grow older they acquire any of the millions of diseases that abound in the world. It is theoretically true (as I do not know this for a fact) that there are many individuals, who no matter what they are exposed to (except for first aid situations), will respond well to the same constitutional remedy throughout their lives. There are other people, however, who may take on a new disease layer that needs to be peeled off like the layers of an onion depending upon what stresses they encounter. This layer can exist side by side with their usual chronic complaints or supersede them completely, so that you do not see the underlying chronic layer until this layer is stripped away.

This question of one remedy for all time versus remedy layers divides schools of thought within homeopathy. What you have above is just my take on it. I have a feeling, however, that there may be something of truth in what I have written here.

In the sprit of friendship,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)


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  1. I like how you said that many situations in life can introduce trauma and completely change the constitution. Knowing this it would make sense that different remedies would be needed. I would be interested in learning more about homeopathic remedies and how they work.

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