Apr 09

God is the Best Homeopath

God is the Best Homeopath

Dear Friends,
A fellow homeopath sent me a question and I would like to share his question and my answer with you, as I feel a lot can be learned from it.

Dear long time friend,

I have a patient whose personality carries two different remedy pictures, and needs to be treated to fix his mindset. Can I suggest those two remedies at the same time or one after the other? And if so how many days or weeks should they be apart from each other, or can they be taken at the same time with just hours between them?




Dear AG,
It is very good to hear from you. My feeling is that everyone has many remedy pictures inside of them, and that all of us can respond positively to a wide range of remedies.

The question is: What is the Lead Shoot? What is Uppermost at the Moment? Administer the remedy with the clearest picture, and then see how things shift after that. Don’t anticipate what the change will be, and what will come up, but see what actually comes up.

Because I encounter this situation all the time, and my ego really has no way to know for sure what is the best remedy to prescribe, I surrender the decision to the Divine.

I meditate three times a day for half an hour each time in order to purify myself, so that I can be a worthy recipient of that guidance, and I always trust the guidance given. God and I are partners in this healing endeavor.

The mind, the ego or the intellect can justify any prescription, but the important thing is to see where is the actual resonance. So when the patient holds the remedy, some higher power within myself responds to how the remedy resonates with the patient as they are holding it. God is the one who has that sensitivity and is able to make that determination. My ego has no ability to do that.

The next part of your question was how far apart to give the remedies. You can never plan this, as you have no idea what the remedy is going to do, how long the dose will hold, whether it will shift the picture into a new remedy, or need to be repeated. You have to just be receptive and see what happens and respond to it. Sometimes a remedy picture can change very rapidly. At other times a remedy can hold well for years.

I always surrender questions of potency, which remedy to use, and when to repeat the remedy to the Divine.

I am a strict classical homeopath and only use one remedy at a time. God is the Best Homeopath of all.

In love and service,




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