A List of Homeopathic Remedies for Overseas Travel

A List of Homeopathic Remedies for Overseas Travel

I received several calls over the summer from people asking me what remedies I recommend them to take along when they are traveling overseas. When my daughter went to India a number of years ago I prepared a kit for her. These are the remedies that I included in her kit. This list is not comprehensive, because one cannot account for every eventuality, but hopefully the remedy you need will be in it.

Apis 30C  for allergic reactions with swelling and redness, and burning and stinging pains, for insect bites. Thirstlessness and warm-bloodedness are characteristic. Awkwardness, tendency to drop things.

Arnica 6C and 30C: trauma, muscle strain, exhaustion, sore, bruised feeling, fear of touch and being approached, bed feels uncomfortable. Excellent for sprained ankles and head injuries.

Arsenicum album 30C and 200C: food poisoning or acute illnesses with vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Worse midnight to 2 a.m., restlessness, anxiety, thirst for small sips, cold and chilly, burning pains, strong desire for company.

Belladonna 30C and 200C: very high fevers 103 and higher. Heat, redness and burning of affected parts; frightening hallucinations; desire to bite, strike, kick; dilated pupils. Sudden onset of symptoms, which are acute and violent. Dryness of mucous membranes. Sensitive to talking, jarring, touch, and noise. Desire for lemons, and lemonade. Throbbing right-sided headaches with red face. Fear of animals. 3 p.m. aggravation time.

Calendula 30C: When the ointment is not sufficient; serious wounds with pus or risk of infection; abscesses. In cases of suppuration when the discharge continues too long. Apply ointment externally to cuts, and wounds. Change the bandages infrequently for best healing. No germs can live in its presence. Excellent post surgically to hasten healing and prevent infection.

Cantharis 30C: A supurb first aid remedy for scald burns. Use Urtica urens ointment for slight burns, but Cantharis for second the third degree burns. It takes away the pain rapidly and promotes healing.

China 200C: Ailments from loss of body fluids (excessive bleeding or diarrhea, lactation, suppuration, perspiration), which can cause exhaustion, weakness, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and anemia. Excessive bloating of abdomen with gas. Malaria. Extreme sensitivity to touch, but hard pressure relieves.

Hypericum 30C: injuries to fingers, toes, spinal chord, back and head. Pain radiates or shoots up along the course of nerves. Animal bites. Prevents tetanus or lock jaw. Pain in the gums after extraction of teeth.

Ledum 30C: puncture wounds, insect bites. The characteristic is that the patient wants ice on the injured part. Wounds are cold to the touch, but the patient wants cold applications. Black eye from a blow (Symphytum). Prevents tetanus (Hypericum). Swelling from bee stings (Apis).

Podophyllum 30C: Diarrhea with sputtering, fetid and explosive stools. Complaints worse in the summer. Early morning diarrhea 4 to 5 a.m. Diarrhea preceded by soreness, cramping, rumbling and gurgling. Patient must bend double. Alternating complaints (i.e. headache with diarrhea).

Ruta 30C: repetitive strain injury; broken bones, injuries to the linings of the bones or periosteum; injuries to ligaments and tendons (excellent for shoulder and knee injuries where the ligaments and tendons have been damaged). Sensitive nodules on tendons or periosteum after injury; eyestrain.

Symphytum 30C: excellent for healing broken bones (after Arnica and Ruta). Trauma to the eyeball. Injuries from blows from blunt instruments. For slow repair of broken bones.

Veratrum album 30C: I am including this remedy here, because a friend of mine and fellow homeopath, Dr. Gobinder Samroa, saved his wife’s life with this remedy. They were flying to California from India and his wife all of a sudden said to him that she was dying. There was no warning that something was amiss. She turned as white as a sheet, broke out into a cold sweat, and her husband could not find a pulse. He remembered that he had some homeopathic remedies in his travel bag, and is eternally thankful, that this beautiful little remedy was there. He gave her a few globules and his wife rapidly revived.

Quoting from Boericke’s Materia Medica, he says, “A perfect picture of COLLAPSE, WITH EXTREME COLDNESS, BLUENESS, AND WEAKNESS, is offered by this drug. Post-operative shock with cold sweat on forehead, pale face, rapid, feeble pulse. COLD PERSPIRATION ON THE FOREHEAD, with nearly all complaints. VOMITING, PURGING, AND CRAMPS IN EXTREMITIES. The PROFUSE, violent retching and vomiting is most characteristic. Surgical shock. Excessive dryness of all mucous surfaces. “COPROPHAGIA” violent mania alternates with silence and refusal to talk.”

A Guide to Using These Remedies


1) In addition to taking these remedies with you if you are traveling, it may be advisable to take a dose of your constitutional remedy along with you. Often this is what you need to bring your system back to balance after an acute illness or trauma. Also if these acute or first aid remedies do not help sufficiently, the constitutional remedy may be required to complete the healing process.

2) All of the above remedies are available in the full range of potencies. For very minor injuries consider taking the lower potencies, such as a 6C. Often Arnica in a 6C strength can help when you are exhausted and sore from overextertion. Save the higher potencies such as the 30C or 200C for more serious conditions, such as a sprain, or head injury. For very grave injuries the higher and highest potencies are best, such as a 1M or 10M.

3) The homeopathic remedies come in various sizes. If you have the large size pellets, 1 to 2 pellets are sufficient for a dose. With the very small pellets 5 to 7 pellets would be a good dose.

4) The rule I follow for repetition is to give one dose of the remedy and not repeat unless there is evidence of a relapse. For chronic health problems a 30C dose should hold about three months on average, and a 200C from six months to a year and longer. In acute situations, the remedy may be repeated very frequently, because the remedy can be used up quite rapidly. In this situation I usually give one dose and wait 24 hours to 36 hours before I evaluate what the remedy has done. If the patient is better I continue to wait, and only repeat if the amelioration does not seem to be holding and there is evidence that the patient is going backward again. Then I repeat the remedy in water by dissolving a few pellets in water, stirring and giving one to tablespoons of the liquid to the patient. The remedy can be repeated this way as often as necessary.

5) When considering whether it is a good idea to treat or not, remember that first aid situations take precedence over all else. Don’t worry about antidoting your constitutional remedy when you are dealing with a head injury, or a broken bone. Treat the injury. You can always repeat the constitutional remedy later if need be.

6) When you are dealing with an acute illness, such as a flu, or a case of food poisoning, I recommend giving the body a chance to fight the illness on its own without interference. Only if it looks like help is needed, take the case and decide carefully. If the symptoms are clear for an acute remedy, such as Belladonna, Aconite, Gelsemium, or Bryonia administer this. If the symptoms are not clear for an acute, the constitutional remedy may be called for at this time. When administering the constitutional remedy during an acute flareup, it is best to give it toward the end of the illness rather than at the beginning.

?I hope that these guidelines help you when you are traveling far from home. Please remember, you can always call me for advice and guidance. Bon voyage.


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