Correcting Character Weakness with Homeopathy

Correcting Character Weakness with Homeopathy

There is one misconception that many of us have had or still have about homeopathy, and that is that homeopathy alone can correct our character weaknesses or challenging mental habits.  Yes, indeed, this does happen, but homeopathy should not be relied upon to make it happen, and our own personal responsibility to evolve spiritually neglected.

I will list some of the types of character weaknesses I am referring to below.  These are thoughts homeopathy can help with, but should not be totally relied upon to do so:

–Obsessive thoughts of any nature.  Here homeopathy can certainly help, but the individual must also participate in the process by becoming consciously aware of this tendency.  Some obsessions of this nature are obsessions about weight, personal appearance, religious obsessions, relationships and many others.

–Anxious thoughts, such as anxiety about health, or anxiety about finances or other people.

–Fearful thoughts, such as fear of flying, fear of poverty, and test phobias.

–Jealous and envious thoughts.

–Feelings of resentment and anger

–Feelings of dissatisfaction or lack of contentment with one’s life.

–Thoughts about what others think of you.

–Judgmental thoughts.

–A strong tendency to have a pessimistic outlook on life.

I wrote an article many years ago called Mental Exercises on this same topic.  Please refer to the article for techniques for helping you overcome these mental habits.

The goal of all spiritual paths is to help the individual develop self-awareness, or witness consciousness.  These mental habits are grist for the mill.  They give us what we need to work with.  As we observe ourselves thinking these thoughts during meditation and throughout the day, we begin to understand that this is not who we are, that these are just thoughts.  Then as we shift our focus of attention from the thoughts to the thinker of the thoughts, the I who is having these thoughts, and we continuously do this, we can start to break lifetime negative habits of thought, and attain the inner peace and happiness all of us wish for.

Do not rely on homeopathy alone to do this spiritual work for you, but seek the witness of yourself, so that you know who you are and who you are not.

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