Atman Blessing Remedies by Deborah Olenev

Atman Blessing Remedies

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What is the concept of homeopathy and the meaning of homeopathy? Let Likes Cure Likes. It is very difficult to find the like and involves decades of training to become good at it.

One can often resolve people’s symptoms in their entirety if the homeopath can find the similimum. Sometimes one, but often a sequence of remedies are needed for complex cases with many symptoms.

I watched a video produced by Amma Resonance Foundation in July 2022, which gave me the inspiration for Atman’s Blessing Remedies. Amma Resonance Foundation Video

The video was about the positive results in the treatment of HIV-Aids and malaria in Africa with PC remedies. The PC remedies were created by Peter Chappell. What these remedies contain is pure sincerity. Peter Chappell put water in a bootle with a little alcohol as a preservative and asked the Divine, the indwelling God or Atman (whatever term he used for his spiritual ally) to infuse this bottle with the cure for HIV-AIDS, or another disease that he was working on. Then he sealed the bottle. That became PC1 — the remedy that has cured thousands of people in Africa with AIDS. Please watch the video to learn about the good PC1 and the other PC remedies have done in Africa.

This was the source of my inspiration to create custom remedies for what ails each individual, and for which classical homeopathy has not been able to fully help with. I started out with creating an AB bottle for myself. AB stands for Atman’s Blessing. Not everyone relates to the word Atman, so I am inviting people to name the bottle with a name that resonates with them. I have a client who relates to Jesus and Mary, so she named her bottle___________Healing Mary and Jesus Light Bottle.

Over many years I have cultivated a relationship with my Atman. Everyone has an Atman. Another word for it is the Self. This is the undying, immortal part of oneself. Self-realization or enlightenment consists of becoming aware of and cultivating a relationship with the Atman (or whatever name you use for the divinity within). Essentially let Atman be your guide.

An analogy for Atman is mercury. It can appear as a liquid blob, but if a piece of it separates it will form a small blob with all the same attributes as the big blob. You can call it the macrocosm and the microcosm, but it is all one blob. Atman is your personal indwelling part of the divine creative principle that pervades everything.

I cultivate a relationship with my Atman by daily meditation, which trains me to quiet my ego and come to inner neutrality. I communicate with my Atman by making myself a pendulum and formulating questions. Atman communicates with me in yes, neutral and no. When my body sways forward it is a yes, when it does not move it is neutral, when it leans backward it is a no.

I asked my Atman if I can create a personal remedy for myself based on my individual needs and I got a resounding yes.

So I did it. I had a bottle in my bedroom with a tiny bit of castor oil at the bottom and a cork cap, and I asked if I can use this. The response was yes. I then listed the symptoms that I had not been able to find a resolution for and I put thought intention (I like the Taoist term—pure sincerity) into the bottle. Then I added water to the bottle and sealed it with the cork.

I then tested the bottle to see if this was a good remedy for me—and I got an enthusiastic yes. The date I created this was  July 27, 2022. This was the first Atman Blessing bottle.

I never took the remedy I just put it on the side table by my bed, so I am getting what I call a Room Dose. Here the remedy pervades the energetic field of the room, and is a gentle healing influence.

I have been exposing myself to this bottle for only a short time, but so far I feel improvements in important areas like sleep, and energy. I will observe myself over the next months to see if the remedy helps with symptoms I have not been able to heal with classical homeopathy. The remedy has not been potentized, so it is essentially a mother tincture, but this can be potentized up to any potency one wants, using homeopathic potentizing methods.

My intention is to help people create AB remedies for themselves as a love service. This can be used along with a homeopathic remedy from a substance in nature that the person resonates with, or it can be used on its own.

The Atman Blessing remedy is unique to each person, as it is imbued with their own heart-felt intentions for healing. The reason this is needed is that it is not easy to find a remedy from nature that will match the totality of each person’s symptoms, I hope the custom made AB remedy will be accepted by people as a helpful adjunct to classical homeopathic treatment.

Ideally each person would connect with their own Atman and create their own Atman Blessing bottle. The reason this is ideal is that each person’s Atman or indwelling God has lived with them their entire life and is inseparable from them. The indwelling God or Atman knows the person  and their issues better than they know them.

I would like to invite anyone who reads this article and is inspired to create their own Atman Blessing bottle to do so. I would love to hear about your experience.

Please remember that the Atman Blessing bottle is a living thing. You can talk to it, convey reminders of your needs to it, and add your prayers to it. Don’t forget to infuse it with faith and an unwavering belief that this will work for you. You can also hold the bottle every day and test it the way I have described .

There are different ways of looking at things, one is to see the multiplicity or the “ten thousand things,” and this is valid and necessary. In addition there is another way, which is to see the underlying unity and the simplicity.  What I am doing with the Atman Blessing remedies is investigating the second approach, which is through introspection, and connecting with the indwelling teacher and asking for assistance with healing.

One simple truth is that we are never outside of God’s love and grace. It is embedded in each of us like our hearts—and is a permanent feature of our existence. Prayer for health and the grace of health and the blessing of health may be as simple as looking inside to your Atman or indwelling God and asking for it.

Atman is always present with you. If you wish to connect with your Atman it is up to you to meditate and quiet the ego, so that you can awake to the fullness of yourself—and the knowledge that you are not just you—but also the all and the everything.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

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