Homeopathic Treatment for COVID19 Vaccine Reactions

Homeopathic Treatment for COVID19 Vaccine Reactions

COVID19 Vaccine

COVID19 Vaccine

Dear Friends,
Most people who take the COVID19 vaccines experience no adverse effects soon afterwards, but unfortunately some people do react strongly. In this newsletter I would like to present the experiences of five of my patients, using their own descriptive language. Then I will tell you what remedy I prescribed for them and their responses.

Patient 1 Consultation on 3/26/21: “I got my shot on Sunday 2/28/21. I seemed okay. I noticed that my heart was racing after I got it. My breathing was labored. I waited a little longer to be sure that it was not an anaphylactic reaction.

Monday was a so so day. I still felt odd. I didn’t get a headache or chills. It was more of an anxious and stress feeling.

On Tuesday it hit me very hard. I am a psychotherapist and I meet with clients on line. On Tuesday morning I could barely talk to my clients. It took all my energy to breath and stay present. I felt unbelievably anxious and light headed. I canceled my afternoon appointments that day, and for the next few days.

I started taking CBD because my stress level was so high. It is the non THC kind. By the weekend I was beside myself. I said something has changed inside my system. I can hardly do anything. I am sitting in a chair feeling like something is wrong. I developed continuous panic.

On Tuesday night I was so stressed that I went to the emergency room. My heart rate was racing all the time. They did all the tests. Normally I have bradycardia (which is an abnormally slow heart action).

The whole week was terrible. I sat in a chair, watched TV, and took CBD oil. My doctor prescribed Zanax to me three weeks ago. I have been taking it for the last three weeks. The first week was rough and then the Zanax kicked in.

I went to a cardiologist. I thought maybe my bradycardia is acting up. He did an EKG that was fine. The stress test came back abnormal. The cardiologist said I need to go on Statins. My cholesterol levels are high now.

I took the second shot, beause my daughter and I are out in public, and I was afraid of getting COVID. The second vaccine triggered major panic and anxiety in me. The symptoms amped up again. That was on Sunday and all week I have just been treading water.

I am upset and out of sorts, and feeling so uncomfortable that I cannot do anything. I sit and watch stupid stuff. I can’t sleep at night unless I take something to make me sleep.

I asked Patient 1 what the anxiety was about. She said her worries were about the financial well-being of her family. She was afraid that her family would not be able to meet its financial obligations due to health expenses, and the cost of putting their daughter through college. She had a fear tht if she did not regain her health, she would not be able to work. This was the source of the anxiety and panic.

Prescription for Patient 1: The remedy I prescribed for this woman was Bryonia alba 30C. The dominant mental state of Bryonia is worry about business and financial survival. Many homeopaths believe that this is one of the main genus epidemicus remedies for the COVID pandemic, and for good reason.

The pandemic has had an immediate social impact of causing the closing down of thriving businesses and crippling the economy world-wide. The world has been thrown into a Bryonia state. Bryonia is one of the main remedies for young, healthy vital people who get extrmely sick with strong flu or pneumonia like symptoms (and unfortunately, because Western medicine does not know about this remedy, which is one of the ABC remedies of homeopathy, these unfortunates lose their lives, or have protracted illnesses).

I have seen this remedy turn around a COVID19 case where the patient had already said his good-byes to his loved ones, and then after receiving a dose of Bryonia 30C, return to work in three days. This is the power, the siimplicity and the beauty that is homeopathy, and this is what is being suppressed and not told to you (for the sake of pharmaceutical industry profits, bolstered by the ignorance of politicians and the media).

Here is the response of Patient 1:

4/7/21 (11 days after the remedy) Hi Deborah,
In general I am feeling much better than I was.
I am mostly back to normal however I am still feeling a great deal of anxiety.
I am able to eat normally.
I can do things like get work done.
I am sleeping fairly well.

5/11/21 As far as basic physical health I feel good. I am sleeping, eating well, not having heart problems.

5/26/21 Now that Patient 1 was out of the acute state, she was ready for her constitutional remedy, which was Thuja 200C.

Patient 2 is a 24 year old woman. She received her COVID shots on 7/21/21 and 8/17/21. She spoke to me after recently evacuating from her home due to Hurricane Ida. Here is what she experienced after the shots:

9/1/21 My second vaccine was two weeks ago. Last night my legs started hurting. It was brand new. It felt like the beginning of the hurt from a stretch.

This has felt very different from when I get a virus. A virus usually doesn’t last for more than 72 hours max. This feels like it is staying, with peaks and valleys. The fever keeps coming back.

The muscles in my abdomen and lower back have been aching. That feels the most intense.

I feel general exhaustion. After I have walked for a moment I feel like I am tired, like I can’t walk anymore.

Headache – Now it feels like a general pressure. When it was really bad it felt like tightening, like I had a rag through the head and somebody was tightening and pulling it, and pushing down.

My head feels heavy. I feel heaviness all over the body. My metric for that is I feel I can’t get up and dance. That’s a part of my daily thing. The heaviness is inhibiting me from moving in a sprightly way.

Emotional Spherel: I don’t know where I will live after Saturday. Having to ask for a place to live has felt a little trepidatious. We don’t know when we can go home.

Prescription for Patient 2: The remedy I prescribed for Patient 2 is is Gelsemium 30C. I asked her to dissolve 3 pellets in 4 oz. of water and drink the whole thing. Then I asked her to hold the remedy vial for 30 minutes every day until she feels she has recovered from the illness.

The first thing that prompted me to prescribe Gelsemium to this young lady was: the anxiety about the future expressed as what is going to happen next, when can I return home, where will I live. The second was the fatigue and weakness. She did not have the energy to do what fed her soul, which was dancing, and the third symptom was a heavy feeling in the head and all over her body. These are keynote symptoms for Gelsemium.

Gelsemium was the number one genus epidemicus remedy for the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. I would say that possibly one out of five COVID19 cases, and COVID19 vaccine reaction cases will react positively to this remedy. Anticipatory anxiety is the dominant mental state, fear of going to the doctor or the dentist. You can see how this fits into the spirit of these times of COVID, where people’s normal day to day reality has been turned on its head. Nothing is the way it used to be. School is not normal. You can’t travel normally, the laws for social conduct are changing rapidly, and the general feeling of normalcy and security has gone out the window for society at large. People are anxious, because they don’t know what is going to change next.

Here is the response of Patient 2:

9/9/21 “Hi Deborah, thank you for checking in. I started feeling better several days after taking the Gelsemium remedy. I am back home now and feeling quite refreshed. All of my symptoms of the sickness from last week are gone.”

Patient 3 received her first COVID Pfizer shot on 6/5/21. She decided to take the shots, because she wanted to volunteer in a nursing home. Here is her reaction:

“My arm hurts a lot!!!! It felt like the shot giver hit a nerve as she went in with the shot. It could just be the shot but my husband did not have the pain I had as it was going in. He just has the sore arm. My arm socket and arm hurt immediately.”

“I went to get my vaccine. Everything was okay and they used a really long needle. She put the needle in the left arm. When she put the needle in I felt a searing burning pain. After that it felt like the liquid went in right there. Immediately I had pain within my shoulder, deep within.

This impaired my range of motion in the arm. I can go straight up or down with my arm, but when I go out to the left it hurts really badly. I can go behind my neck with the arm or in front of me. My neck feels strained and heavy.

I feel the pain radiating down into the elbow, like it is a funny bone pain. I can feel a little bit of tingling in my fingers. My arm where I received the shot is not a normal shot pain. I told the practitioner that it hurt so bad. I feel it hit a nerve. I never had a searing pain jar me in a shot. I tried an ice pack and it did not help with the pain. The pain last night was throbbing, and very constant. This pisses me off.

6/10/21 Hi Deborah.
Well, I think I’ve had my first homeopathic miracle. After sleeping on the pocket dose of Silica 30C my shoulder was somewhat better. Then after taking the remedy within a few hours my shoulder was so so much better. All that’s left is a bit of tingling In my arm and into my fingers. Thank you so much for meeting with me and helping me.

6/26/21 Hey Deborah.
I just want to share with you that I received the second COVID Pfizer vaccine today. I did so much prayer, meditation and visualized how it would be. God heard my prayers and sent a precious shot giver. I did not feel the shot this time at all.I came home and held Silica 30C in my pocket for a little over 2 hours. My arm is sore this evening some. I feel ok. Thanks so much.

6/30/21 Morning, Deborah.?
Just checking in. I’m much better in regards to the vaccine…. All symptoms resolved. I have held the Silica 30C for 30 minutes each day through today. I have other symptoms still shifting and moving around. But I’m ok…. And allowing and trusting the Divine intelligence of the remedy to help me.

Prescription for Patient 3: The remedy I prescribed for Patient 3 was Silica 30C after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Then she took a pocket dose of the Silica 30C during and after the second vaccination, followed by Silica 200C on 7/14/21. Two weeks later she went back on a constitutional remedy to help her with menopausal symptoms, which was Lachesis 30C.

In my last newsletter, I wrote an article entitled: “Silica Queen of Remedies for Vaccine Reactions.” Please refer to this article to learn about the wonders of Silica. Silica is good for people who have never been well since receiving a vaccination. This is a huge homeopathic constitutional remedy, with a very wide range of symptomatology. Aside from her own reaction to the vaccine, another thing that prompted me to give Patient 3 this remedy is that Silica is her son’s constitutional remedy. Knowing the mother and son connection gave me the confidence to prescribe this remedy for Patient 3. The remedy helped her with not only her vaccine reaction, but also with many chronic complaints. Later on we moved her to Lachesis 30C, which is a constitutional remedy that she had responded well to in the past. The symptoms that were bothering her most at this time were hot flashes. Lachesis is one of the top remedies for hot flashes and aggravation at menopause.

Patient 4: I took this statement from Patient 4 on 9/21/21. I asked her to tell me how she felt she was affected by the first shot of the Pfizer

vaccine. She is trying to get out of taking the second Pfizer shot, because of her severe reaction to the first, but the employer where she works is being very insistent that she has the second shot. She has visited a cardiologist and other doctors to help support her case with her employer to allow her not to have the second shot. She is one year away from retirement and receiving her pension, so she has a lot to lose if the employer will not let her work, and even more to lose with regard to her health if they force the second vaccine on her.

“I feel that I have a delayed recreation, because all the bad things started happening three weeks after and not right away. I experienced excruciating headaches that I never had before. I usually don’t have headaches. All of my chronic symptoms emerged at a very acute level, plus I thought that because all of my chronic symptoms are much stronger now, all the years that I had been working with homeopathy that brought me to a better level of health, the vaccine took away. I don’t know what the future will be like with my health.

The neuropathy in my feet became worse. I only had it in one foot now I have it in two. My neurological symptoms worsened a lot. My psychological state of mind deteriorated so drastically that I can cry any minute because of any trigger any day. I don’t have any strength to resist anything anymore.

I sweat so much. I sweat all the time, even if I am not hot. This is another thing that started happening after the vaccine.

I feel that the vaccine poisoned me and made me more sensitive and more reactive to everything around me in terms of pollution, and stress. I feel that it aged me, that it took away a couple of years of my life. I feel older and weaker. It poisoned me is how I feel.”

I was walking to do my blood test on Monday. I saw a young man whose brother, who was in his mid 30s, passed away after he had the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

They are doing such bad things to people who don’t want to do vaccines. The Biden regime is just like Stalin’s regime. That’s what we ran away from many years ago and that is what is happening here. I have very bad fears about my children and my grandchildren.”

Prescriptions for Patient 4: Patient 4 was on Phosphorous 30C prior to taking the first Pfizer vaccine. She had been doing very well on this remedy.

The first remedy I gave her to help with her vaccine reaction was Gelsemium 30C on 8/23/21. She had a very severe pain in the shoulder blade, headaches and vertigo after the vaccine. The Gelsemium 30C helped with these symptoms.

The next group of symptoms that appeared were an inflamed salivary gland on her palate, which she had never had before; and the neuropathy, which had only been in one foot went to the second foot. We tried repeating the Phosphorous constitutional remedy for these symptoms, but it did not help. Then we moved on to Hepar calcareum sulphuricum 30C on 9/3/21. This remedy made the growth in her mouth smaller and flatter.

Hepar has a very interesting emotional state associated with it. Hepar has a desire to kill or to set fire to things. The level of Patient 4’s anger was so high for being forced to take a vaccination that she did not want that she had thoughts of burning down the work place that insisted upon it. So it was really the mental state that brought me to Hepar.

This created a thought in me of the possibility that many of the wildfires we are seeing in California and around the world could be arson, caused by people who have been thrown into a Hepar state, from the feeling of powerlessness to control their own bodies. Hence how much is this “Global Warming,” and how much is it “People Brought to an Incendiary State?” There is evidence that the latter is playing a role in the widespread fires.

The next dominant symptom that arose in patient 4 was a severe burning pain in the mouth, abdomen and other areas. Here is her description:

9/21/21 “Dear Debbie,
My mouth has been on fire after I did the MRI this past Friday 9-17-21. I have burnlike erosions/sores, redness on my tongue, inside my cheeks and lips and everywhere else, everything is burning. Also my lips are very dry and the corners of my lips feel very dry too and the inside of my mouth feels dry. The thing on my palate comes in whenever it wants to and disapears whenever it wants to. It has a mind of its own!!!”

The remedy I prescribed for the extreme burning was Cantharis 12C, which is the only potency she had at home. This is her report five days later:

9/26/21 “Dear Debbie,
It is Sunday night and it has been a few days since I took Cantharis 12C on Wednesday 9/22. I am sleeping OK now and there are no other symptoms that are going on, however my tongue is definitely beginning to burn again.

10/4/21 The Cantharis 12C did not help sufficiently, so we changed Patient 4 to Arsenicum album 30C, which is a remedy that is well known for burning pains and the feeling of being poisoned. I don’t have a progress report for her yet.

Patient 5: I saw patient 5 for the first time on 9/21/21. He had many symptoms that started after the Pfizer shots, and other symptoms that started a year ago. Prior to that he was in excellent health. This man is 56 years old, but looks 26. I believe that the vaccinations exacerbated his chronic conditions and added on new symptoms that were in keeping with his constitutional profile. Here is a summary of his symptoms:

Here are the ailments that started after the vaccination:

I did not have any issues with hemorrhoids until two weeks after the vacciations. Then I developed painful constipation. I also have rectal bleeding. The bleeding makes me so weak.

Hypertension began three to four months ago. I am now on medication for hypertension and high cholesterol. I did not have these issues prior to the vaccinations.

I developed weakness since June or July after the vaccines.

Pain in both legs , the feet, the knees and the buttocks. The pain starts in the feet and goes up to the thighs. It is in the back of the legs. It bothers me the most when I am sitting and driving. It doesn’t really bother me when I am walking. I have the pain when I am sleeping in bed and also when I wake up in the morning. This pain started when the bleeding hemorrhoids started. It started after the vaccinations.

The symptoms that started a year ago prior to the vaccinations were:
Constipation with hard stools.
Numbness in the fingers when he is driving.

Quick to anger.
Worry about his family and the future.
He is very neat.
He is always on time.

Prescription for Patient 5. The remedy I prescribed for Patient 5 was Nux vomica 200C. I selected this remedy based on the history of what happened one year ago when he first developed symptoms. At that time he was involved in a restaurant business with a few partners. The owner of the building increased the rent astronomically, making it impossible for them stay in business. These are his words about the experience: “I felt so sad. Me and my partners lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sometimes I was angry and sometimes I was sad. Now I feel free. I say whatever God is doing is right. God saved us. COVID 19 started. I forget it.”

The guiding symptom to the remedy was ailments from business failure.

Response of Patient 5. On 10/5/21 I received this report from the patient: the constipation, blood problem, pain in the legs and weakness were doing better. This case is a good example of heart symptoms starting after the COVID shots, and it is also a good example of how the constitutional state can be aggravated by the vaccines, and how a homeopathic remedy can hopefully restore health and order.


I know this was an awful lot to read, so you are excused for not reading it. I hope instead you are enjoying your life and doing things you love. Life is short, so march to the beat of your own drum.

Note regarding blog comments:

Dear Friends,
I appreciate your visiting my website and reading my articles and taking the time to write your comments. I welcome your comments and will post them if it looks like what you have to say will be helpful to others. I may not write a comment back, but will let the article itself present my point of view.

I am no longer responding to people’s questions regarding personal health matters on my blog, because it becomes stressful for me due to the volume of such questions that I get.

Also there is no way I can actually answer these questions properly without familiarizing myself with the person’s health.

For anyone who is interested in working with me, please complete the appropriate questionnaire and send it to me. This way I will know that you are ready to move forward with a consultation.

I wish you the best of health.

Peace be with you,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

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